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Governor Ron DeSantis abandons Trump-supporting candidate prior to midterm elections

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis launches campaign this fall to back former President Donald Trump's Republican candidate in major election campaigns across the country doing. This is a sign of growth for DeSantis. status as a potential 2024 White House candidate.

DeSantis said that Ohio Senator candidate He J.D. according toFox News.

DeSantis also trumps Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake, New Mexico Congressman Yvette Herrell, and Enchanted Land Republican gubernatorial nominee Mark He also trumps Ronchetti. .

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The cross-country barnstorming mission, organized by the conservative group Turning Point Action, is a testament to DeSantis' burgeoning political power and influence within the national Republican Party. proof of expansion.

"Governor. DeSantis is the governor of America and he is one of America's most popular leaders," the organization's founder Charlie Kirk told Fox News. rice field. "He has become a model for a new conservative movement that is principled and willing to really fight for voter values." promoted DeSantis' national status in a statement.

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Republican U.S. Senate candidate J.D. Vance
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"I am thrilled to be working with him when I become governor. I am honored to call him an ally. I can't wait to join you in bringing the message and vision of our 'America First' campaign to the masses," she said.

DeSantis is very likely to be re-elected in his state this fall, buoyed by positive economic news and population growth from new arrivals from out of state. You will be fully prepared to stand for election. in the next month.

Florida's governor plans to encourage voters to back Trump's favorite candidate, but speculation continues that a new rivalry has developed between the two men. ing.

Republican candidate for governor Kari Lake
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"I don't know if Ron will run [in 2024]. But the 45th president told The New Yorker in June, "It's his prerogative. I think he can win." } DeSantis has maintained a White House whisper, reporting closer to Trump,and not even mentioning the 45th President in his recent set-piece political remarks. 76}