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Greg Gutfeld: Democrats Poking the 'Beast' Chasing Trump

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So I'm learning more about the raid on Mar-a-Lago. It turns out that the Federal Bureau of Investigation actually broke into Melania's closet and spent a lot of time there. Now imagine they did this to Hillary's closet. What do you think they will find there? [skeleton image] That's right. She's killed more people than Alec Baldwin. You only need one. Well, stop. 

Of course, the new media point of view is that the president raids the homes of his opponents. But it's the Republicans who swoop in. So now the threat is you. Forget those people who actually try to kill a Supreme Court judge or shoot a cop. They prefer criminals to fit their fantasies stereotypes. This often looks like[picture of Sean Hannity's head resting on shirtless muscular man]. It's not really Photoshop Tyrus.

Greg Gutfeld: Who will the FBI target next?

And they explore the possibility of violence based on the words of everyday people reacting to life-shaking news. Arresting them for thoughtcrime isn't too far behind. It's literally impossible for a president to be indicted.

But remember, to them words equal violence. Meanwhile, the real violence that burns down several city blocks is what you were coming for. NBC's Ben Collins actually combed through pro-Trump message boards looking for danger. 

BEN COLLINS: These are not particularly bright people, but they are ready to fight. These are people ready to go. And they have proven it in the past. And now they are ready to fight whether they are being watched by the FBI or not. 

MSNBC Speaker: Homeland Security Issues Some Bulletin We're Going To Enter Homeland Security You won't be surprised to see Growing threat environment. 

Bulletin. oh we go to hell Meanwhile, here are our favorite spies, sniffing farts and ranting about election violence. 

ERIC SWALWELL: Republicans recognize that voting no longer wins elections. So they are desperate to win elections through violence. And they are now promoting that violence. This is what they look like now. They are a chaotic party. 

In other words, the attack does not incite violence, but is a reaction to it. If Swalwell gets any dumber, you might sue him for the valor the box of hammers was stolen from. Nice beard though. 

Meanwhile, Mediaite cited pro-Trump supporters seeking political retaliation. So those people are now on the radar. Though I doubt they'll hit the streets and burn down affordable housing. No, they are just reacting to shocking acts towards someone they admire. But expressing anger now targets you. It's like when an idiot jumps into a lion's cage at the zoo and the lion naturally gets upset. They then accuse the lion of eating the idiot's face. So invite Kilmeade to the zoo.

So now the news is furious. And in a strange contradiction, the media mocks anger while packaging it as deadly. But I am wondering how true those messages are. I mean, maybe so, but it's hard to trust anything from these people. That is, how many informants assisted in planning the crime they were working on. Good question. Unfortunately no one will answer that. 

TED CRUZ: Are any of his FBI agents or confidential informants actively involved in the January 6th event? yes or no. 

Jill Sanborn: I cannot answer that, sir.

TED CRUZ: An FBI agent or her FBI informant actively encouraged and incited violent crime on January 6. Did you 

Jill Sanborn: I cannot answer that, sir. 

TED CRUZ: Did Mr. Epes urge them to tear down the barricades? 

Jill Sanborn: Same as other answers. I can't answer. 

Why shouldn't this raid ask that question? Well, think about it. Remember all those who believed Trump was an existential threat. 

Rachel Maddow: The existential scandal surrounding President Trump. 

CNN Speaker: Because he is an existential threat to American values. 

MSNBC: Nation's existential threat to nature is 

MSNBC : An existential threat to our democracy. 

Terry McAuliffe: He is an existential threat to our country and the world

CNN Speaker : An existential threat to America's future. 

MSNBC Speaker: He is an existential threat to the nation 

Chris Cuomo: They believe President Trump needs to be removed

Removal experts say. Well, stop. he's down he has a new job he has a new job 

Remember all the comparisons with Hitler.

MSNBC Speaker: We are already dealing with a president calling the press the enemy of the people. It's a term used by Adolf Hitler. 

MSNBC: America's Most Poisoned Humans, American Nazis Look at Donald Trump, Since Adolf Hitler I have seen the greatest heroes. 

MSNBC Speaker: Donald his Trump preaching and Adolf his Hitler in his early thirties It's no different than preaching. 

Yes, it doesn't seem to make any difference at all. Someone had better let Trump know right away that he has three Jewish grandchildren. Wow, that's an awful Hitler. you suck like hitler Wow, and someone warn Donnie Deutsch that he's still an clueless ****. 

If they feel that way, why not go beyond the law and try to eliminate the next Hitler threat? I mean, they did the Russian hoax and covered up the laptop story, so don't fabricate the crime again. 

If you believe he is an orange Hitler, it is your duty. And of course, if he's Hitler, the Nazis we're all going after. It's already started. 

The FBI had already tried to inflate the number of domestic terrorists to justify an investigation, and then tried to define the parent as a white supremacist at a school board meeting. . 

Remember Trump supporters being attacked in the streets. People targeting restaurants. It reminds me of the 2020 movie The Hunt. Trump supporters are literally being hunted wildly by wealthy libraries as if they know how to hunt. But maybe it's time to reclassify that film from horror his thriller to documentary. 

What next? If they chase people on message boards, it will radicalize more people and create more threats. 


Suddenly, "The View" is a threat, and if I were a Democrat, this would worry me. You should fear your own scare tactics now. Because what happens when the Republican Party takes power. For us, it's like he pees for the first time after 10 bottles of beer. It feels amazing. It might be the best feeling ever. 

But it was the Democrats who broke the seal with a raid. Just like in 2015, they poked the beast. They mocked the beast.The Beast then absorbed all the energy from every TV spot on Morning Joe and devoured Democrats like Stelter eating pizza in the bathroom. 

And now their Trump confusion has left all his critics amnesiac, forgetting that persecution leads to retribution. It's cause and effect. Equates to chaos, like Joe and Court. 

So what happens until this guy is the only one around [Trump photo]. It is often said that the night is darkest before dawn. 

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