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Greg Gutfeld: The Film Industry Will Happily Slander Until We Need Law Enforcement

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Greg Gutfeld is in talks with the co-hosts of "The Five" cities.

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Greg Gutfeld: There are good reasons the police are on movie sets. Ask Alec Baldwin. But I think it's very normal for these people to be here. But Hollywood and the television film industry remind us that they're willing to smear until law enforcement is needed, right? , now needed a man with a gun on set. And suddenly you take a picture with the police. get along well I'm a man of the people And then they take to Twitter and throwall over the police. If we apply the same concerns and protections to communities in practice, what we do to filmmakers, we do to citizens. If you are protecting the cast of "Law & Order", you must provide Law and Order to everyone else. But if you're pulling people out of dangerous areas to do this, that's BS. Click 

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