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Greg Gutfeld: The story is falling apart

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I would like to inform you about the raid on Mar-a-Lago. I've got images that I've never seen before. roll it. 

[Old-time cop comedy video]

Merrick Garland crosses the line like Paul Pelosi driving a two-way street And now the media has found their whole story falling apart like a pot roast in a hot tub. 

Greg Gutfeld: The FBI raid is now a political conspiracy

Yeah. Apparently Trump stole a priceless nuclear secret that he intended to sell to someone else. I don't know about you, but this seems like an odd career change for a real estate mogul. Build new luxury apartments in Midtown or sell nuclear secrets to Putin. It's a tough call. On the one hand, you can make a lot of money legally. Conversely, you could be executed for treason. 

Of course, the media always picks the most ridiculous crap to promote Trump. So what are the media that invested heavily in this mental illness doing now? They say that if they dared to criticize the raid, they would be inciting violence against the FBI, which is busy doing its main job of sniffing Melania's shoes.I chose the word shoes. 

And it's true. There was a notable irritation to violets. there were. Remember that Michael Beschloss tweeted a picture of the Rosenbergs who were executed for selling nuclear secrets to Moscow. It was a tweet that then-General Michael Hayden agreed with, adding that it "seemed to be correct." These are his two primary voices suggesting Trump's execution rather than blaming the FBI. 

But the media ignores that agitation, preferring to evoke the random silly job of posting threats on his message board. But I get it. You should see my post on the My Little Pony forums. But if you mess with Twilight Spark, I'll kill you.

But the ugliest wolf of Santa's reindeer let's head over to his CNN where her blitzer interviewed Adam He Kinzinger. And Wolfe asked the most compelling question you could ask. No, it wasn't. will you marry me. Roll over, Sven. 

Wolf Blitzer: I've seen this joint FBI and Homeland Security bulletin. Following the Mar-a-Lago raid, they are warning of what they are calling an unprecedented violent threat. Do you think former President Donald Trump is responsible for inciting his supporters? 

Adam Kinzinger: Yeah, definitely. 100% Wolf. A Republican elected official in a hurry to be the first on television or basically the first to denounce the FBI on Twitter. Emphasize that this is really dangerous. And I'm afraid it will get worse. 

It could get worse. he is afraid or wants. But this is not journalism. This is an emotional propaganda in which the host pampers the guest's wounded psyche. It's more manipulative than Fox running a pizza commercial when you're hungover. 

So if you condemn the raid, you are inciting violence, as opposed to Beshros and Haydan actually suggesting that Trump is entitled to execution. It will be. But no one knows more about inciting violence than CNN, who has defamed cops at every opportunity for the past decade. Still, Trump is to blame for inciting violence. Because he somehow invited the raid. Even clods like Adam know it was a raid that made people angry. But he has strayed down the rabbit hole of anti-Trumpmania. Next, when Trump tried to bring down the heat as he applied soothing cream to Hunter's recent rash - it was necessary.

Wolf Blitzer: Isn't it strange that the man who actually started the fire asked the Attorney General to put it out? 

Adam Kinzinger: Yeah. It's a creepy message, to be honest. Frankly, Donald Trump and his supporters are getting very creepy about how they act and what they threaten. 

yes. You know, when Adam calls someone creepy, it feels like a projection. Because there's absolutely nothing creepier about an adult crying than a diaper rash, teething baby with colic. 

But people are starting to realize that it's not Trump who's drawing the target, it's people like Kinzinger who have been wrecked since Trump entered the political arena. . Amber Heard hasn't cried much since meeting Johnny Depp. To make matters worse, when Wolff asks about her Liz Cheney, the vice chairman of her Jan. 6 committee, she could lose the Republican primary. he said: 

Adam Kinzinger: I think this indicates that the party is in a bad position. See, we're up against evil. Liz Cheney stands up to evil. And I will say this, as you know, I put out this message the other day. This means that many people are sitting around dreaming of the day they do it. And few really get the chance to face evil. 

Yes. they are fighting evil. Exactly what's wrong with that. Are you a terrorist? Are you a pedophile? Are you a field goal kicker? No, it's you. If you support Trump, you are evil. If you don't trust the government, you are the bad guy. If you don't trust the media, you are the bad guy. If you think there are people at the top of the FBI and DOJ who make political rather than principled decisions, you're the bad guys. 

On the other hand, if you are his BLM mob, a murderer released without bail, a perverted teacher, or the Chinese government. There is nothing here. 

So who is drawing the targets on people's backs? Adam. He's Sherwin ******** Williams.

Remember that to incite violence against people you must dehumanize them. This is an old tactic that Charles Krauthamer mentioned decades ago. The right thinks the left is bad, but the left thinks the right is bad. 

Interesting is that it's usually on the left. Liz Cheney is the most evil of all evils. But how quickly can the left forget the dead? 

Now Adam is not left-handed, but he enjoys the strange new respect that his left gives him. He's like a married man beaten up by an attractive stranger... except the attractive stranger is named Wolf and his breath smells of Polygrip. 


library got it and steered an emotionally wounded Adam toward objective conclusions Republicans would never agree with, and they used his anti-Trump mania to their advantage. News and Twitter Then you can only see the red hat. He's had the Trump mess for a long time and there's no vaccine. 


BUT, It made both him and Cheney victims and hero complexes. They are heroes fighting evil and victims when people call BS.And they forget the millions who actually liked what Trump did as president. They aren't as emotionally tied to Trump's character as these brats. Will Liz win or lose? She begged the Democrats to change her party to help herself, and she got her belated approval from Freddy Krueger [pictured Dick Cheney]. I have a big fan of 

OJ Simpson: Liz Cheney defended her truth, which drove her into a great frenzy. She may lose her position within her party. She may lose her political career, but it deserves her credit. Now stand up for the truth. I'm kind of a Liz Cheney fan. 

Yes. OJ claims to be a fan, and it makes sense. OJ stabs people head-on, but they have one thing in common. 

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