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Greg Gutfeld: Violence is 'inclusive' when liberals are in charge

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Every time we watch the news, we go after all the stories related to Trump, like Joy Behar looking for a clown wig. what is ignored. crime. The numbers in New York City are as staggering as the victims. Young, old, black, white, male, female. And in New York, it may be all alone. 

One of the things we've learned about liberal leadership is that violence is truly inclusive. It's one of those places where diversity trumps everything, even safety. Bad statistics. Rape increased by 10%. But it doesn't get the heading. What are you doing. Well, in the raid on Mar-a-Lago, Commission on January 6, Liz Cheney was blown away as if she were one of her father's hunting buddies.

Greg Gutfeld: Liz Cheney's defeat is a victory for the rest of us 

But in summary: These Trump-centric stories, they tell you the bigger story that your concerns aren't their concerns, especially crimes. 

They won't give you 2 ****s unless you are. Hell, they don't give a single **** about you. Cori Bush doesn't worry about street crime. She charges taxpayers with private security. Eric Swalwell doesn't care about gas prices, he makes his own. 

Merrick Garland pondered for weeks about whether to raid Trump's house. i know how it feels I did the same thing before going through Bill Hemmer's underwear drawer. I didn't even try to get through it. he is a surfer But no, his twelve boxes of paper and napkins - that's a threat to democracy. May contain core code. Yeah, just below the box of spokes behind Trump's old ab roller. 

He bets $10 that the nuclear code they say is really Trump's password for his Netflix. You know, it was the same Commission on January 6th, focusing all its anti-Trump obsession on one day of criminal mischief and ignoring the years of violent crime that preceded it. 

They were King Arthur, slaying dragons day after day, week after week, except that the sword was pointed at us. It was all for their own emotional grandstand and political purpose, and what this expense lacked: crime, monkeypox, inflation, and the employment of 87,000 of his IRS agents. That's one he for every illegal immigrant who has sneaked across the southern border this month. yes. You didn't think I forgot to open borders. Who do you think you are looking at? Seth **** Myers. 

Yeah, there are 87,000 new he IRS agents. If you claim lap dancing is a business deduction, they're ready to shoot. This is the only support for single mothers. 

But this week, reality has visited the one person who has neutralized voter concerns with Trump's turmoil. A deeply humiliated Liz Cheney didn't want even her shadow to be seen with her. And so on, instead of campaigning on issues that concern Wyoming voters, Cheney used her position to go after her inner demons, who instead kicked her ass. field. And that's a lot of kicks. The last time someone was badly beaten was when Dana Perino caught me putting a clothespin in one of her dog's nuts... Shame. Thank you very much. Thank you very much. dog torture.

But relentlessly ignoring all the big issues to settle the score, Liz deserved it. She got as single-minded as Andrew Cuomo at Take a Secret to lunch Week. And now we're learning that Biden was reportedly called Liz after her defeat. 

Staff impersonating Biden: Hey. Hey Liz. Liz, look. See, sorry for losing the Wisconsin primary. But when I become a state, I can run again. And, as you know, corn pops never stop. He lost a race on three legs once, but won again. That's why they call him Cornpop. Come on man. 

Staff impersonating Elizabeth Warren: Well, you called the wrong Liz, Joe. Liz Warren. 

Staff imitating Biden: Joe. I never called anyone Joe. I'm Joe Hey, look, don't worry, Liz. Wyoming will recover. 

Staff imitating Elizabeth Warren: Wyoming. yes. There are many great tribes out there. all right. Arapaho. Sue. 

Staff imitating Biden: Sue. who to sue 

Staff imitating Elizabeth Warren: No, Joe. Liz. Liz Warren. 

Staff imitating Biden: Writ. wait. What do you mean, warrant. Liz, you have to go. Someone called me about the warrant. probably a hunter. Anyway, goodbye. Goodbye. 

Meanwhile, crime is still out of control. This he doesn't know how many murders he's read in a month, but Jersey he doesn't even talk about the murders Kat and Ainsley collaborated on at his stop on some of the Turnpike tracks. 

But the Democratic Party complex in the media should only care about Trump. To them, he's Bloods, Crips, ISIS, AIDS, Fox and Friends all rolled into one. 

Crime stats don't affect how evil Donald Trump touches them and how Trump brings ratings. So before, if you shed blood, you would lead, but now if it's Trump, you'll get a bump. Calm down and cut. 


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