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Group shoot of "Bad Girls Gone God" reality show rescued from the mountains

Firefighters are eight from Phoenix's Camelback Mountain, who were suffering from heat-related problems in three-digit weather. Rescue the hiker. The group seems to have been filming a real TV show before the rescue.

They say a 50-year-old woman, a 42-year-old woman, and a 24-year-old man were rescued from the Echo Canyon Trail on Thursday and taken to the hospital by ambulance, but all were listed. In a stable condition.

Firefighters rescue eight hikers from Phoenix's Camelback Mountain, suffering from heat-related problems in three-digit weather. Did.Phoenix Fire Department

The other five were taken out of the mountain by rescue helicopters or large wheel baskets. The Phoenix Fire Departmentposted a video of the sceneon Facebook, writing:

City fire department officials said hikers were scattered on markers for miles on the trail, making it difficult to operate.

They said hikers came primarily from outside the state and were in Phoenix as part of a women's hideout.

One of the hikers, Jasmine Hunter, told CBS-affiliated KPHO-TVthat he was filming a real-life TV show called "Bad Girls Gone God."

"When we get together, we admire, worship, and do a variety of activities to test our physical as well as our mental abilities," Hunter told the station. rice field.

The hunter was one of the first to go down the mountain and didn't know that the others in the group were having a hard time.

"They noticed they weren't coming and the flow slowed down. We couldn't contact anyone by phone anymore, and that was when we were. Needs to be rejuvenated, "the hunter told the station.

According to firefighters, the group started hiking at 7am and each person had only a small bottle of water.

"I didn't think this was one of the most difficult roads in Phoenix," Christine Livingston told KPHO-TV. "I think they just have dehydration, etc. In the name of Jesus, they will be okay!" 

Phoenix Arizona famous Camelback Mountain in middle of town with cactus and expensive real estate for homes
Phoenix, the famous Camelback Mountain in Arizona. Educational Image / Universal Image Group by Getty Images

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