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Gruff Pete Carril honored those who stood up for themselves

I hope you found out about Pete Carrill. or maybe not. 

Caryl, the highly successful Princeton basketball "My Way" coach for 29 years, died Monday at the age of 92 9}

He was the palate needed. He can be disgusting to referees and sometimes even his own players. He could make courtside spectators writhe in displeasure. And he wasn't tormented by reporters asking questions he didn't want to answer. 

Has had an impressive education at the University of Eastern Pennsylvania — a Lafayette alumnus, at the time a master's degree at Lehigh — and Ivy for a coaching gig at his league college. Despite this, there was an unnoticeable sense of discomfort in Caryl. 

The first time I saw him he snapped at me and tried to snap more — until I snapped back. I was told it was the key to his well-hidden heart. In February of 1980, I was assigned to cover Columbia v Princeton. It wasn't much. Princeton won his 77-50. 

But as the team was about to leave the floor at halftime, I took a break: Near Center Court, Carril and Columbia coach Buddy Maher said their height brought his under 5-foot-6, middle-aged bantamweight boxing. To the Ivy League when they stood swinging at others. 

was indecisive. Neither are connected. 

After the game, I naturally asked Caryl about halftime troubles. He glared at me and wanted to know who sent me. He breathed fire when I told him: "You came all the way from New York to write about it." 

Former Princeton basketball coach Pete Carril tips his hat
Contacted investigators in Philadelphia via AP

. 27. What the hell do you write about? 

Caryl glared, thought, nodded. It was good. 

Then I went to Contez, the legendary Princeton pizza and pitcher. Caryl was holding court at a corner table when I was invited to sit down. 

More than that, Caryl's team taught me a lasting lesson about how the media can screw up statistics. 

Princeton played a purposeful and brilliant offense. One touch he baselines a pass and it takes him half an hour to easily throw him off the screen. 2. Poetry in slow motion. 

As a result, Princeton produced a final score that looked like a dangerously low blood pressure reading. The media added up and divided those numbers and determined that Princeton had the best defense in college basketball year after year based solely on points allowed. 

Pete Carril

Such simple unexamined statistics now But it's being marketed on TV like this: essential "facts". NFL telecasts still acknowledge that they allowed all points scored to the attacker and all points to the defender. 

I don't know how much time, paper and ink I have spent in his 40+ years making such a claim, but it is Caryl's Princeton's It started with observing the team. Still working on it, coach. 

The election is the only "holiday" that matters to his NBA.

Besides shaking his head, social now passes as his engineering and altruistic activity. How can we prove that we do not understand things? How do you distinguish between genuine belief and fraud? 

The NBA announced this week that it will not play games onElection Day,to provide NBA fans with a better opportunity to exercise. made it easy. A tribute to American democracy. 

In other words, until this week, the NBA was under the impression that voters didn't vote on Election Day because an NBA game was on that night. 

The NBA either has cheap publicity or views its fans as a bunch of idiots. Was Adam Silver unable to vote because there was an NBA game that night? 

But the NBA now has five national TV games scheduled for Christmas Day, with thousands of low-wage daily workers coming to celebrate with their families. are forced to 

Next, as an empty and cynical reflection on the legacy and martyrdom of Dr. King, Martin Luther King, a federal holiday that the NBA exploits by playing an entire schedule of games, will have his junior has his day. It all seems like a scam. 

Notorious NFL misanthrope Aqib Talib was accused of charging the field to instigate brawls, with his nuisance. A kid's soccer coach, Yaqub, shot and killed opposing coach Michael Hickmon on Saturday in a Texas game played by an 9-year-old. 

But who doesn't carry a loaded gun to a child's game? 

Akib Talib has one of the worst acts in league history as a cornerback for his five teams in the NFL, tearing the chain from the Raiders' neck during his two Best shown in one episode. Receiver Michael Crabtree when Talib was with the Broncos. The second episode started a brawl that led to both being ejected. 

Aqib Talib

Talib was a teammate of the Buccaneers before playing in the NFL. . He was then shot in his leg outside his joint on the Dallas Strip early in the morning. Police later concluded that the wound was self-inflicted and that he had lied to police. Free to play. 

Three years later, he was accused of beating a taxi driver in Florida and jailed for resisting arrest. 1 game suspension, play continued. 

He was then issued a warrant for aggravated assault with a lethal weapon after he was accused of shooting his sister's boyfriend. The charges were dropped due to lack of evidence. 

And there are many other places they come from. 

But under the pandering of his GM and team his owner of Roger Goodell and Machiavellian, such a player is spoiled and the "National Feron's League" is cheaper than it really is. Feel free to bring down his NFL reputation until it's no longer cynical. 

Last year, after retirement, Talib was hired by his FOX as his analyst for the game. This year he was hired as an analyst for his NFL "Thursday Night Football" on his Amazon. 

Neither network knew or cared who Talib was. Or you chose him because he met your requirements. 

And now he is accused of inciting an episode in which his brother shot and killed an opposing coach at a children's game.

Serena sneaks away 

This week Serena Williams was blown off the court in CincinnatiShe couldn't speak a word into the court mic An indiscriminate Yahoo who came to cheer her on during her supposed farewell party. Always a graceful loser, she bolted before her scheduled post-match press conference. 

Old Serena. Perhaps she will again declare that her actions are in defense of women's rights. And because everyone loves Selena, her TV commercial endorsement continues. Even if not. 

Serena Williams reacts during her loss to Emma Raducanu.
Getty Images

Dairy Queen endorser Fernando Tatis at an ice cream stand Jr. , received an 80-game suspension for PEDAnother Dairy Queen TV ad beneficiary, White Sox shorthand Tim Anderson — a vulgar, N-word-spitting braggart and provocateur — is In the past two seasons where he has been suspended for the third time, this time it was head-to-head with the umpire. 

By the way, Tatis was such a vulgar showboat that he was voted the star of the league's video game "The Show" sales by MLB. Of course he was. 

And now he is serving a half-season suspension for alleging a case of ringworm that he treated with a topical ointment that entered his bloodstream as an anabolic steroid. 

Then there is Roger Goodell's favorite, Snoop Dogg. Snoop Dogg was known for crime, vulgarity, N-word spewing, crotch grabbing, drug-loving, police-hating, and misogyny. And his fortune as an endorser of commercials for everything from beer to Chrysler. He now markets children's cereals. 

Reader Dano Butta suggests selling the cereal as "Weedies".