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Gucci's pet collection includes a $ 7,500 dog bed and a $ 460 poop bag holder

These spoiled dogs certainly do not lead a rough life.

Style Maven, who wants to add a little couture to a spoiled kid, can turn a fur baby into a fashionista with Gucci's pet collection.

2022 Gucci Pet Collectionis a bespoke pet bed for $ 7,500, a poop bag holder for $ 460, for free bags that prefer to relax in a French-style chaise longue. We will provide you with a $ 500 string.

Other items include a $ 220 decorated AirTag holder, a $ 895 bowl cover, a $ 4,050 pet carrier with the iconic Gucci House monogram, and a hard side case adorned with GG. Includes "Travel Bowl Set" with. The logo and price are $ 4,250.

There are a variety of apparel, from studded, blinded and feathered T-shirts to hats for animal lovers.

This corgi seems perfectly comfortable in his $7,500 made-to-order bed.

Alessandro Michele's luxury Italian homes This week, Basset Hound, Corgi, and Dachshund make a cameo with a variety of whimsical advertising campaigns by various tame cutie Patouty puppies, including plain leather, GG canvas, web stripes, and herbalium prints. Shake the new line offered by the material.

To be competitive with dogs, even some flashy cats best sport Gucci in videos shot by Max Siedentopf.

In fact, Siedentopf got hooked on one of the campaign's puppies and gave him an unprecedented home.

"I'm very happy to share a new campaign for Gucci's first pet collection on my birthday, where I was able to meet the little Lucio who changed my life forever," artist {36. } Has posted a photo on Instagramand wrote his new hug companion Dachshund.

"Continuing the story of surprise and joy that defines Gucci's lifestyle choices, the Gucci Pet Collection is a magical aura. Infuse every day with, "the product landing page description is displayed. "These works, presented in a colorful and retro campaign, can illuminate the individuality of each animal as a tribute to the creative director's vision of individuality."

This Cavalier King Charles Spaniel seems thirsty for her bowl, which retails for $.
Très chic! This Weimaraner is rocking a $ collar.

In addition to the craftsmanship expected of Gucci's luxury products, pet collections are "mainly made from animal-free raw materials from sustainable, renewable and bio-based sources." You know that Fido will not feel like a sheep about his environmentally friendly man.

This is Gucci's first entry into the pet market, but not fashion. From Prada to Valentino to Louis Vuitton, other luxury luxury brands have played with their pet collections in the past. So if your brand's snobs are crazy about designers, you can choose trash.