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Gutfeld confronts Democrats reverting to calling Republicans 'evil', 'dangerous'

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Fox News' Greg Gutfeld gives an update on the Democratic Party's apparent new medium-term strategy on Thursday in "The Five." 

GREG GUTFELD: This dates back to his 2015. Now I understand why so many hoaxes and illegal activities were tolerated and encouraged by Intel experts. Untilfill laptops, we can start with Russian collusion. If "X" believes he's worse than Hitler or x believes he's worse than ISIS, why not break the rules, why not rig the elections? I said,since January 6th. If you live in an atmosphere where people say you're evil and wrong, what do you expect? Here's the question. Trump supporter, Republican, saying he is the worst he has ever seen and worse than all these terrorists Start with a journalist who is If that's true, if he actually believes so, why don't you join Antifa? 

Frequent CNN Columnist : I "literally" see Trump supporters as "no different" than bin Laden supporters

Why don't you take them out? My sense is that they don't really believe it and that their Trump mess hanging around on social media that they somehow own them is just fervent rhetoric. Zach Weissmuller I think Reason magazine asked Hayden the perfect question. If you really believe in Trump, Trump supporters are worse than the people you target with murder drones, what do you recommend here? must be Maybe they should carpet bomb his NASCAR. 


You may not do it because you're a coward, or you just don't really believe it. Again, it's probably just a hot take. 

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