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Hack tells you if jeans will fit without trying them on.

Finding the right pair of jeans can be a daunting task, but has TikTok found the ultimate hack?

To ensure the perfect fit, content creators I swear by the handy jeans trick. Wrap the waistband around your neck to determine the proper waist size. If there is no excess fabric around the neck and it wraps completely it will fit your waist.

TikTokers flock to clothing stores to see if this trick really works. In the future, we hope to save time by skipping the locker room line.

Search ``Jeans hacking around the neck'' so far he has been viewed more than 337 million times, users have tried, and some are so-called Exposing hacking.

Content inspired by genius ideas Her creator Nicole Faye posted her successful attempt on TikTok on Tuesday,within 24 hours she had 3.3 million views. obtained.

Nicole Fay putting jeans around her neck

" she surprised at the end of the clip. TikToker shouts. "What the hell?! How did you guys come up with that!?"

Previously, her TikToker named Halley had 2.2 million views for a video explaining the hack in early August. Recorded number of times.

However, some viewers argued that this "new" trick has long been a tradition in non-American homes.

"You just find this???" wrote one viewer.

But others seemed perplexed.

"We're not all strangling in the shop right now," quipped someone else.

But not everyone is into this trick, and some users say that her simple TikTok hack finds the perfect pair because she has a curvaceous body. It points out that we are not as fortunate as those who are

One of her TikTokers, who calls herself Alison, tested her fit technique in denim, but found she didn't work.

Jaz on TikTok trying jeans

If jeans fit her neck, they fit her body. Fits "I'm here to tell you that it's not for all bodies," she said in the clip, which has been viewed more than 73,000 times. "If you're like me and have an apron belly, This little hack, it's not for us, ladies."

She was shown wearing size 16 jeans around her neck — according to another TikTok demonstration. And they were completely wrapped — but when she went to put them on earlier in the week, she said they didn't fit.

"Will they fit my neck? Yes. Will they fit around my belly? No," she continues. "Debunked!"

Commenter agrees with Allison, stating that they tried the hack themselves and it didn't work without her 'apron' stomach .

Woman trying to fit jeans around neck
@ kristinakacheeva

"Correct. I don't even have an apron belly. It doesn't work.

"But they make great cloaks," someone else joked.

"Ah, finally! It doesn't even work!” another commented.

Allison on TIkTOk

hack - really only works for some people - trendy TikToker Billy Nuland put his arm horizontally inside his waistband In other words, the exact length of the forearm.Jeans fit.