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Halo Saves F1 Driver's Life with "Scary" Flip Over Crash

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It was a victory for safety technology.

Alfa RomeoFormula One driver Zhou Guanyuwas spared serious injuries thanks to the Halo device, which projects the cockpit when the car flips over at the British Grand Prix.

Halo was founded in the 2018 season. It consists of a hoop above the driver's head and a strut directly in front of the driver. This is both a means of supporting and deflecting debris approaching the car at high speeds.

Zhou Guanyu entered Turn 1 of the Silverstone Circuit when he was clipped from behind by Mercedes-Benz driver George Russell, who came into contact with AlphaTauri driver Pierre Guanyu at 140 mph at the start of the race. I did.

Zhou's Alfa Romeo was flipped entering the first turn of the British Grand Prix.

The Alfa Romeo of the week is the British Grand Prix. (Gongora / Naphoto via Getty Images)

Alfa Romeo around is flipped over, flipped upside down, slips straight down and crosses a gravel trap Then flip the safety barrier and it over to the catch fence.

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Zhou's car skidded down the track on its top.

The lap car slipped down the truck on it. (Gongora / Naphoto via Getty Images)

After that, the car landed supported by the side between the barrier and the fence, and a red flag was set on the race. And a long delay until the lap is pulled out of the car.

Zhou's car became stuck between the safety barrier and the catch fence.

A lap car is between the safety fence and the catch A clogged fence. (Dan Mullan-Formula 1 / Formula 1 by Getty Images)

A close-up image of the incident shows how Halo prevented Halo from being pushed on the head of the lap. For the road shown, despite the apparent failure of the car's roll hoop on it, it is intended to be the primary means of protection in rollover cases.

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The Halo protected Zhou's head despite the apparent failure of the vehicle's roll hoop.

Halo protected Zhou Guanyu's head despite the apparent failure of the vehicle's roll hoop. (Vince Mignott / MB Media / Getty Images)

At a sportsmanship show, Russell gets out of the car and runs around to help. I looked it up. Steward later called it "one of the scariest crashes I've ever seen."

Fellow driver George Russell ran to Zhou's car to see if he could help the stewards.

Fellow driver George Russell is in the car around Running he was able to help Steward. (MATT DUNHAM / POOL / AFP via Getty Images)

Zhou Guanyu was taken to the hospital as a precautionary measure, but surprisingly in a crash. No one was injured.

He is not the first driver saved by the device.

At last season's Italian Grand Prix, Red Bull's Max Verstappen and Mercedes-AMG's Lewis Hamilton when their cars touched and launched Verstappen over Hamilton. I was fighting for the lead.

Halo prevented Hamilton's head from being crushed by Verstappen's rear tires as he rolled over the cockpit.

Lewis Hamilton's head was protected by his car's Halo.

Lewis Hamilton's head is by Halo in his car It was protected. (ANDREJ ISAKOVIC / AFP via Getty Images)

"Thank God to Hello. It finally saved me. And my I saved my neck. I think it was a big hit in the real moment, but I could only think of trying again. "

IndyCar added a similar device to the car in 2020 called Aeroscreen. This adds a polycarbonate windshield for added protection, especially in the high-speed ovals where the series races.

Callum Illott was protected by his car's Aeroscreen.

Callum Illott by the aero screen of his car It was protected. (IndyCar)

Effective when a Callum Ilott car hits a dropped suspension push rod at this year's Texas Motor Speedway race. Sex has been dramatically demonstrated. From the car that crashed in front of him.

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Formula E, Formula and several other top open cockpit series Also has Halo built in. 2 andAll Meth W Series

Russell got out of the car and was unable to re-enter the race for a restart and the car was towed into the pit lane. .. His teammate Lewis Hamilton finished third in the race, with Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz first and Red Bull Sergio Perez second.

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