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Halsey recalls suffering from three miscars: "Cancellation saved my life."

Halsey says that having an abortion "saved" her son, Ender, before she became pregnant again.

 is a "Without Me" singer who uses the pronounfor "she / they", is Vogue July On the 1st, in the midst of a recent decision by the Supreme Court to overthrowRoe. v. Wade.

"Many people have asked me if I have had a hard time giving birth to a child for years and then reconsidered my position on abortion," said the 27-year-old. Halsey wrote in an article published on Friday.

"The answer is definitely no. In fact, I've never felt so strongly about it."

The "Closer" hitmaker continued. "My abortion saved my life and gave way to my son giving birth to him. Everyone has a life-changing experience at this danger, when, how, and how. I have the right to choose. I hold my son in one arm and fight with all my strength in the other. "

In July 2021,was the first to have an abortion. Halsey, who gave birth to her child, also revealed that she had "three abortions" before her 24th birthday.

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"It was cruel to have a hard time getting pregnant easily. It was ironic, to maintain pregnancy, "they wrote.

"One of my miscarriages required" aftercare. " It's a mild statement that an abortion is necessary because my body cannot completely end the pregnancy and is at risk of sepsis without medical intervention. ..

The singer added, "I cried" during the surgery because "I was desperate to end my life-threatening pregnancy."

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"I was afraid of myself, so I was helpless." Halsey looks back. They were very traumatized by the experience and rewrote their will. 

"I was prepared for the worst. I gave detailed instructions on organ donation if I was declared dead or brain dead. That is, my heart beats. If you're doing but your brain isn't working, the state gets permission to take my warm, still flushed face. My organs to save other lives. "

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They continued. It's just a series of involuntary movements on the operating table. The beating heart in the womb may mean that you did not agree to save your life.

This article was published a few days after Halsey played in Arizona, and fans said that if they upheld the Supreme Court's decision on the right to abortion, they should leave theconcert. I told you.

"If you're angry with this audience right now, sharing stats on Instagram and infographics ... and saying" it's really sick ", you're instead All you have to do is that you should share a story about how you somehow benefited from abortion "and they video from last week's show Said.