The Time Traveler's Wife (2022)

Photo: HBO Max

HBOhas announced thatTime Traveler's wifewill not advance the second season.

The drama series is based on Audrey Niffeneger's best-selling novel,Steven Moffat(Doctor Who,Sherlock).

It starredRose LeslieandTheo James, telling the story of a romantic relationship between a woman and a Chicago librarian. Travel.

"HBO won't move forward in the second season of Time Traveler's wife, but it's us to partner with Master Storyteller Steven Moffat and [Director]David Nutter. It was a privilege of HBO, "said in an HBO statement. "We are very grateful for their passion, diligence, and care for adapting this beloved book, and for the heartfelt performance of Theo and Rose, and other great casts. It completely captivated the audience. "

The show received primarily unfavorable reviews. Decider'sJoel Keller encouraged readers to skipand "fascinated us to ride this romantic ride with Henry and ClaireTime Traveler's wife. There's nothing about this new version of.. It doesn't help that the show is really more cheeky than it needs to be. "

The overall audience is very low and It attracted 223,000 same-day viewers during the six-week run. Keep in mind that this number does not include streaming or delayed viewing that HBO attracts the majority of viewers.

Written by Moffat, Nutter directed all six episodes, with Sue Vertue, Brian Minchin, and Joseph E. Iberti assisting executive producers.

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