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"He's missing a boat here": Dems wants to bring Biden anger after a shooting at Highland Park

"We need to manage this," Biden said. "We need to manage this."

Perhaps there is no better encapsulation of the Biden administration's perspective and tactics than how it chose to tackle the epidemic of gun violence. Probably. The president does not keep his bolder legislative ambitions secret. He calls for a ban on offensive weapons, a ban on large magazines, stronger background checks, greater liability to gun manufacturers, and many other reforms. However, these efforts were plagued by Republicans in Congress, who had to balance the demands of the duel.

Biden's signing of the lawEverything about guns was historic in itself, given the low standards set by Congress. The bill expands background checks and strengthens funding for mental health and school safety services. But a quarter of his party couldn't keep fire and curbs on this issue, and many others who dominate the recent news cycle could confuse the party's base. I want more things and I'm in a hurry.

Biden's Monday reaction to the shootings at the July 4 parade-American birthday hurt by American violent rituals-looked mediocre to many Democrats. And there are concerns that the fragmentary bill not only lost momentum to continue dealing with gun violence, but may have already covered Republicans. Following the shooting, they worried that it was another lost opportunity to define the stakes for the next midterm election.

"He's missing a boat here. It's our time to dig deep and absolutely angry because half of these measures aren't working. He Has real excitability issues, "said Camille Rivera, a Democratic strategist and partner of the progressive company New Deal strategy. "There were two shootings on the exact day when our rights were violated and people were supposed to celebrate" independence. " I really don't know where this passivity comes from in this situation.

"I'm not going to change the minds of Republicans," Rivera added. "The battle is for independents and Democrats to stand up, fight back, and go out. And he hasn't met at that moment. He must meet at that moment."

Since Biden signed the bipartisan gun bill at the end of last month, there have been more than 30mass shootings. Biden, Indiana was on the ground in praise of the victims after recent shootings in Uvalde, Texas and Buffalo, New York. He pushed through a long list of gun controls, gave a special prime-time speech, and called the majority of Senate Republicans "not conscientious" not discussing gun control. He is on the verge of seating the first director of alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives in a few years. He emphasized that the modest gun bill wasn't enough and wanted Congress to do more, such as raising the age of buying assault weapons from 18 to 21. "The first step," said Matt Bennett, co-founder of the Centrist Group Third Way. However, while Bennett focused on the "first," he also had problems with the criticism that Biden needed to be emoted every time another mass shooting occurred in the country.

"Biden made a statement of half a dozen anger [and] sadness, and they begin to blur," he said. "His anger can never be achieved."

Before visiting Highland Park in Chicago on Tuesday, Vice President Kamala Harris said, despite continued challenges, the Democratic Party. I warned the members not to be deterred.

"We need to end this horror. We need to stop his violence," Harris said, in order to act and renew the ban on offensive weapons in Congress. I asked for "courage". "And we must protect our community from the fear of gun violence."

Aide deliberately chooses Biden to withdraw from recent gun control negotiations and overruns his proceedings An entity that could jeopardize the involvement of the Republicans, who said they had postponed to the Senate to prevent politicization. Democrats also have the belief that a bipartisan gun bill will not bail out the Republicans or fundamentally affect the party's image.

"The majority of Republicans on ballots or against the bill and exposed to radicalism by opposed to the bill," said Democratic pollster Geoff Garin. Stated.

But Democrats recognize that the White House lacks urgency for what some civil servants and voters feel is the current decisive issue. I am getting more and more dissatisfied.

Criticism extends beyond guns. Democrats ignite a series of crises in response to a series of crises, including the Supreme Court's decision on the right to abortion and the growing threat to democracy with each primary election by Republican refusals in 2020. I'm criticizing what doesn't seem to be. Some believe he is not accustomed to the MAGA Republican punishing tactics.

Other Democrats (Pritzker, Governor of California Gavin Newsom, Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), Etc.) not only blame the Supreme Court, but also demand action against guns. It is in the limelight. And the right to abortion. They are also calling on their party to bring no more partisan passion to the debate.

And the White House defends the president's reaction, pointing out past speeches he made about guns on Tuesday and actions to protect access to abortion, but others. Is afraid that Biden will remain trapped in the political courtesy of the previous era, and both his unquestionable loyalty to the institution and the threat of existence felt by some of his supporters. It was late to recognize.

"Everyone wants strength and resilience, and they feel that their stakes are very high," said the anti-Trump moderate, who regularly conducts focus groups. Republican strategist Sara Longwell mentioned more from the president about Democrats who want to hear far.

"You can't have a single press conference or a single speech. It's a constant communication. They I feel a sense of urgency. " "'Speak to us. Tell us your plans." The Democratic Party is ready to help him.

Underlying Democratic concerns could be a loss of interest to suburban voters who are trying to raise concerns about notebook issues, crime and quality of life. I am concerned that there is. Longwell said the Democrats she heard were more likely to accept organic complaints from politics about guns than a scripted approach.

"Don't poll test anything. Say what everyone feels." Americans should be able to celebrate Independence Day without being shot. Children You should be able to go to school without shooting. This is crazy, "she said. "Grab moral heights."

Asked about the creeping horror of the Democratic Party, White House spokesman Karine Jean-Pierre said Tuesday that Biden would end the "gun violence epidemic." He said he spoke strongly about the urgent need.

Biden, Jean-Pierre said: He was angry and frustrated. He talked about the problem as much as possible.

"There was a bipartisan gun control bill that hadn't been in place for 30 years. That's important," she added. "Is there more to do? Absolutely. Is he going to call for more action and do the best he can? Absolutely."

But Rivera isn't enough on its own, Biden and the Democrats. Insists that this opportunity should be used to convey the anger of the country and turn it into a Republican Party.

"Sufficient. The Democrats and those who voted for him are waiting," she said. "January 6th bomb, Supreme Court and all of it. It's like going here. Now take everything and move. I don't know what he's waiting for."