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Thermal advisory issued to 30M in central US as heat waves occur

Heat Advisories issued for 30 million in central US as dangerous heat wave builds
About 30 million Americans from South Dakota, Iowa, Illinois to Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, 7 I received a fever recommendation on the 4th of March. iStock; Fox Weather

Dangerous heat waves a week ahead due to the stagnation of the high pressure dome It occurs in the plains and the Midwest. Central United States

Approximately 30 million Americans traveling south from South Dakota, Iowa, and Illinois to Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi on Independence DayReceived a heat recommendation from the National Meteorological Bureau. ..

Most of this week is expected to be high in the late 90's and late 100's in parts of the Central and Southern Plains, Central Mississippi and Central South.

Combined with excessive heat and high humidity, the heat index approaches the dangerous 105-110 degrees during the hottest hours of the day in the mid to late afternoon.

Record highs can occur several times each day, but it's hard to beat because it's the hottest month in the country and the records tend to be the highest. is. This year's record.

To make matters worse, in many areas of the week, morning temperatures have remained close to 80 degrees Celsius since the mid-1970s, with little relief from the heat of the night.

The latest 6-10 day outlook from NOAA's Climate Prediction Center shows that above average temperatures are most likely to remain in Central State until next week. Is shown.