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Heidi Klum claims to be able to prevent sweating. "That's my talent"

As the saying goes, never let them see you sweating.

Heidi Klum recently unveiled an amazing skill that always looks like a picture on the red carpet and filming. She is said to be able to stop sweating on her face.

When she starred in "Late Show with Stephen Colbert" on Thursday, 49-year-old supermodels often tasked with preventing make-up artists on the set from shining their talents. I explained that it has been done.

"They always come and put that powder puff on your face 24 hours a day, 7 days a week," she said. "So I look like this. Don't sweat your face. Tell yourself not to sweat your face!"

Unfortunately, the rest of Kulm's body As for the part, this trick doesn't work.

"I sweat wherever you can't see it," she gestured under her armpit and joked. "That's my talent. It's hidden because I don't show it."

Only the unique talent of blonde beauty Is co-sponsoring her Amazon Prime Fashion Competition show "Making She, and her fellow" Project Runway "Alum, Tim Gunn.

"He doesn't have makeup," Kulm jokingly said. "If I spend two hours on all of this, he just shows up ... no foundation or powder."

Heidi Klum in a sparkly patterned gown

During the interview, a German-American Catwalker discussed her famous leg. It was once insured by Lloyd's of London for $ 2 million — , but one game was considered more expensive than the other.

"I think this was about $ 700,000," Kulm said, pointing at her left foot. "And this was, for example, $ 1.3 million, because there was a small scratch on [her left] foot when she fell into the glass."