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Explanation of the end of "Hello Goodbye and Everything In Between": What Happens to Claire and Aidan?

Didn't you think Netflix would spend the summer without releasing an adorable teenage romance movie? Hello, goodbye, and everything betweenstarted streaming on Netflix today and a hole in the shape of To All the Boysin your mind Fill in.

Based on Jennifer E. Smith's novel, this YA romance is a bit different from the typical boy and girl fares. It's true that boys meet girls, but she also says she doesn't want to go to college with her boyfriend right after the girl meets the boy. So Aidan (played by Jordan Fisher) and Claire (played by Talia Ryder) decided to sign an agreement. They will be in just one year, the high school year of high school. College. And when they disband, they will say goodbye on the last spectacular date.

When you see Aidan and Claire embark on the final day, it's clear that they love each other very much. Their friends and family think they're crazy — why do they end up so obviously good? Claire goes to Dartmouth and Aidan goes to medical school, do they really need to break up? If you want to know what's going on,hello, goodbye, and read all the explanations at the end of.

Fair Warning: From here onHello, goodbye, andExpect everything during spoilers.

Hello, goodbye, and how does everything betweenend? Hello, goodbye, and all at the end of, Description:

The easy answer is that Claire and Aidan break up ... but they may come back together.

During the romantic day Aidan planned for Claire, it became clear that Aidan wanted to convince Claire to be with him. However, after her parents got married at a young age, Claire was traumatized by her parents' nasty divorce and decided to stick to her plans and go on to college without any obsession. It is also clear.

After all, Aidan pressured her parents to go to medical school instead of pursuing her musical career, partly because she wanted to go to school near Claire. Turned out. Long-distance work. Claire tells Aidan that he is pressured to be the perfect human being and is afraid to fail. Aidan now calls on Claire basically the same thing. She is so afraid that their relationship will fail, so she won't even let it start.

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After the battle, Claire seeks a last chance to say goodbye. She tells Aidan that he was right, she was scared, and she loves him. They swim together for a romantic night and Claire offers to be with Aidan, but Aidan tells Claire she's right. "You're always right, it's really annoying," he tells her. The next day, they say goodbye, which means they're not the last to meet each other.

We montage away from their first year. Aidan postpones the acceptance of his medical school and goes to LA to make it as a musician. Claire goes to Dartmouth. But they send the text. When summer comes, Claire asks if she can meet Aidan. They say "hello" and the movie ends. I don't know if Claire and Aidan will come back together, but the movie keeps open what they might do.

SoHello, goodbye, and are there all the sequels between? Probably not. Unlike the To All the Boysseries, there are no sequels to Hello, Goodbye, and Everything inBetween. But hey, you never know!