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Here's how to watch the primaries without a cable (hint, it's a sling)

The 2022 midterm electionis imminent. Now is the time to see, learn and participate.

During the primary, Republicans and Democrats make their own claims in person.

The winner of the November 8 general election will determine the balance of power of theparliament for the nexttwo years. Therefore, it is very important to monitor the primaries.

If you want to participate in the primary elections that run until the end of September, you're not alone. In fact, to make informed voters' decisions, it's a good idea to watch such a critical race.

However, many Americans have opted for streaming services in the last two years, making it difficult to watch cable segments aired on television. Thankfully, theslingunderstands the importance of primaries and provides a solution.

How to watch primaries on Sling

Sling TVis the first app-based TV service to stream live TV on-demand content and DVRs. , This includes upcoming primaries.

Choose your preferredsling subscription plan(sling orange, sling blue, or sling orange + sling blue) and spend half of the first monthEnjoyand the brand's premium passfree month with Showtime, Starz and Epix.

You can watch the primaries wherever you are in the park, coffee shop, work, home, etc.

Sling TV
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Multiple family and friends on your Sling account, Sling on you Covers. Depending on the Sling subscription plan, you can stream to up to 4 devices at the same time.

Best of all, you can continue to benefit from the sling after the primary. Enjoy local news from outlets such as FOX, CNN, MSNBC, NFL Football, College Football and more with half the price of the first month and a free premium pass.

But whenever it's time for Sling to see where you're going, you just have to suspend or cancel your subscription. That said, the elections will take place in November of this year, so you wouldn't want to.

Keep reading the rest of the primary list and the options to watch on the sling.

Remaining mid-term primary election calendar

Sling TV

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