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This is what the bride's engagement ring says about her personality

This hilarious bridal shade has the truthof the ring . 

Diamond Hawker's Karen Jewelery is a sassy appraisal of their personality and a viral appreciation of future brides, based on the quality and cut of the engagement ring. 

"Engagement ring andwhat they say about you, let's go," exclaimed Karen Digital Ambassador in a trending TikTok post. 

"Round Solitaire: You are classic. You love designers andlove the better of life. Drink with girls on weekends I also love it, "said a Jibing Jewel expert from Melbourne, Australia.

Cullen Jewellery goes viral with hilarious appraisals of a bride's personality based on her engagement ring.
TikTok / cullenjewellery

Karen's rep — Cheeky, young brunette, serious glitter — The wiferocking the ring of the oval trilogy is a carefully organized three mothers driving a range rover to host a "great house party". I joked that it was likely.

She also nailed a woman with a pear-shaped ring wearing a diamond-studded halo as a "no problem queen." 

And for a lover wearing a rectangular glowing paving ring, the virtual evaluator said, "You are the main character. You don't want to do that — it's just It just falls on you. "

The jewel expert wittily detailed the good and bad qualities of a woman according to the cut of her diamond.
TikTok / cullenjewellery

But she said," You Great advice, but you shouldn't just take it yourself. "

And the bride who blushes online gets a niftycarat-to-character rating. I completely agreed.  

"Okay, but why was mine so accurate #coffeeaddict?", Probably confessing a woman sports a pair of halo diamonds. 

One woman admitted that she was the "hero".

"My thing is a [oval trilogy ring], and [her rating] explains me to Tee," another person wrote in a stunning pictogram. I separated her comment. 

Social media viewers were stunned by the hilarious accuracy of the ring-to-personality assessment.
TikTok / cullenjewellery

Follow-up post, jewels know -A woman in a Marquis-shaped cut says: You are a natural leader and everyone wants you guidance. "

She added," You also carry aemotional supportwater bottle. "

And after having more fun with the bride with the trilogy ring, after making a wise crack about the astrology-loving girl wearing an elongated cushion solitaire, Karen ComedienneI went to the fiance with a colored stone ring

"You love nature and adventure, you love animals, and you believe you will find a way to include your pet in your wedding."