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This is why you need to visit the lavender fields this summer

London (CNN) — A row of rippling purple flowers stretches to the eye, leaving the scent of flowers directly above them. It drifts gently. In the breeze.

Summer means that lavender is in season and attracts not only pollen-collecting bees, but also day-trippers seeking an escape to the magnificent scented landscape. ..

However, a trip to a lavender field definitely adds an indigo glow to your Instagram feed, but adventuring among these purple flowers is something else. There may be advantages.

Perfect picture

In the lush green region of Sally, within the distance of snuffs in southern London A family-owning the Mayfield Lavender Farm and, like many others around the world, this month opened its gates to the public for its short annual season.

When lavender is in full bloom, visitors are assaulted in every way.

The first thing that hits is the unique scent that is carried into the air every time the sea of ​​flowers undulates. Next is a visual feast of orderly shrubs in dark purple shades, planted in tessellated columns to create passageways.

Natural paths have formed between the lines of lavender shrubs at the Mayfield Lavender Farm.

A natural path was formed between the rows of lavender shrubs at Mayfield Lavender Farm.

Hafsa Khalil / CNN

Finally, the tranquility floats in the air, not because of the shortage of visitors, but because of their vastness. is. The rolling field seems to absorb all the noise.

Overall, it's no wonder that the farm has more than 10,000 visitors on the busiest days.

And they all seem to be armed with cameras. People who pose, take a walk, or take a full-fledged photo can be found every few feet.

Among them is 21-year-old British artist and rapper Jules taking a photo of the album cover. He says he wanted to put it in the flower garden because "there is something elegant in the flowers".

Some people come from afar to enjoy the idyllic scenery.

The hot weather means the lavender season has peaked early in June at Mayfield.

Hot weather means that the lavender season peaked in Mayfield in early June.

Hafsa Khalil / CNN

Christina May, whose farm is owned and operated by her parents Brendan and Lorna, has more than half of its visitors on vacation It states that it is a tourist inside. 26-year-old Sara Alshahrani, 26, from Saudi Arabia, specifically investigated this place because she "loves lavender."

Wellness fix for day trips.

Lavender fields form the perfect Instagram background, but are also said to have health benefits. For centuries, flowers have been used as a remedy for pain and burns. One of the common claims is that it helps with mental health problems such as anxiety and stress.

Psychotherapist and certified psychologist at the University of Bristol in the UK, Dr. Nilufar Ahmed, said the scent of lavender has a "relaxing effect."

"By lowering your heart rate and regulating your breathing, you reduce the symptoms of anxiety," she told CNN.

Lavender contains a naturally occurring compound called linalool. Linalool is commonly found in fruits, flowers and herbs such as oranges and roses and gives off a strong scent. It is also strongly found in cannabis, which has a lavender-like odor. It is this compound that studies

have found to induce relaxation and reduce anxiety.

Lavender said that lavender "provides significant benefits to everyday stress and may serve as additional support for people with high levels of anxiety." Warns that those affected by anxiety should seek professional help.

Many studies have shown that lavender helps sleep, but Kevin, a sleep expert and professor emeritus of psychology at Loughborough University in central England. Morgan called this study "weak." Partly because it focuses only on small groups.

"Studies have been done to suggest that sleep can benefit, but it's not a cure for disorders like insomnia," Morgan told CNN. rice field.

Lavender may not promise the peaceful snooze you wanted, but positive mental states that can help it grow.

"Mental health and sleep are inextricably linked, one affecting the other," said psychologist Ahmed.

"Anxiety and anxiety can make you sleepless, which makes you feel depressed and anxious," she said, "a known symptom of depression is sleep. Disability-too ​​much or too little. "

However, just being in nature is beneficial to your mental health and can improve your sleep. A college student study found that even short spells outside were depressing.

Bees often find themselves at home in the lavender so keeping your face away is probably sensible.

Bees are often in lavender homes, so it's probably wise to keep your face away.

Hafsa Khalil / CNN

When walking in lavender, it is difficult to finger the flowers and enjoy the scent of the flowers. Not to mention burying your face in shrubs.

I wanted to find the bliss of lavender. Before the end of the season, if restrictions allow, here are some of the best places to experience them around the world.

This organic family-owned farm hosts sunset yoga sessions in lavender and also offers bee safari for visitors. Taste the honey made on the premises.

Valensor Plateau, Provence, France

Depending on the field you visit, lavender for an infinite number of columns You can see of sunflowers and olive trees.

Here, visitors have the opportunity to harvest their fresh lavender from shrubs at the "Choose Yourself" event.

This family-owned farm boasts a forested promenade and is free to visit.

Landiao Lavender Garden, Beijing, China

Except for Tanabata, this garden is especially crowded early August for the Chinese Tanabata, which is equivalent to Valentine's Day.

Furano Flower Field, Hokkaido, Japan

Lavender blooms only for a few months of the year, but in Furano There are other flowers to attract the crowd during the off-season.

Summers in Australia fall differently than any other summer. The farm will open later in the year and the harvest festival will be held in November.

Visitors can stay on the farm and enjoy the peace of the lavender fields over and over again for days.