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"Hero" hot dog champion reveals how he subdued protesters and won the Coney Island contest

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Injured Wiener warrior Joey Chestnut has reached a new level of national fame on Independence Day. People are still discussing it on Tuesday and will probably come for a while. 

"He's a hero," Fox News senior meteorologist Janice Dean said on Tuesday morning when he appeared on"Fox&Friends" Holiday Hot. He said he welcomed the dog champion. 

Chestnut helped save Nathan's famous hot dog eating contest (the sight of July 4th atConnie Islandin Brooklyn). ..

JOEY CHESTNUTEAT63 Hotdog wins Natan's famous contest for the 15th time

Despite suffering from the explosion of Tendon No, he did. Currently wearing a cast on his right foot. 

Chestnut continued to eat hot dogs on his way to the 15th Nathan's famous Holiday Crown. 

Hot dog-eating champ Joey Chestnut helped subdue a protester, as a group interrupted the 2022 Nathan's Famous International Hot Dog Eating Contest in Coney Island on July 4, 2022. Chestnut won his 15th title by eating 63 hot dogs in 10 minutes.

Hot dog-eating champion Joey Chess The group suspended the 2022 Nathan's famous International Hot Dog Eating Contest in Connie Island on July 4, 2022, which Nat helped, and subdued the protesters. Chestnut ate 63 hot dogs in 10 minutes and won his 15th title. (Bobby Bank / Getty Images)

Dean was one of the judges. Thousands of sun-soaked delights cheered on the American stomach muscle display. 

"I noticed he had a sign because I thought someone had fallen to me," said Chestnut, 38, of Indiana, "Fox&Friends. Said during the broadcast.

"He wasn't moving, so I moved him."

"You put him in the headlock." Co-host Steve Steve Doothy said. 

"I moved him because he wasn't moving."

"I didn't drop the hot dog I bragged about the chop champion who was hanging around theclutchbefore the competition. 

In almost half of the event, protesters rushed to the stage with a sign saying "Open Smithfield Deathstar." At least one wore a Darth Vader mask.

Smithfield is a leading food processing company in Smithfield, Virginia, specializing in pork products. Nathan ’s Famous is all beef flanks. 

Joey Chestnut won the men's title at Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest at Coney Island on July 4, 2022.  

Joey Chestnut is the men's title at Nathans The famous hot dog eating contest held on July 4, 2022 in Connie Island. (Kerry J. Byrne / Fox News Digital)

Three men have been arrested. According to NYPD, Scott Gilbertson (21) in Berkeley, California, Joshua Marxen (31) in Santa Clara, California, and Robert Yamada (42) in Phoenix.

Men have been accused of illegal intrusion and chaotic acts of crime. Gilbertson has also been charged with harassment.

"When faced with an unexpected obstacle, Joey responded swiftly with dignity and compassion," Richcia, president of Major League Eating, told Fox News Digital on Tuesday.

"When faced with an unexpected obstacle, Joey responded swiftly with dignity and compassion."

"This is Joey Chestnut." Prove to be the greatest athlete of all time and a true American hero. "

Chestnut has dominated his leg injuries for nearly 20 years now. He said he was almost away from the event.

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"3 weeks ago , I "Oh, I don't know if I can compete," Chestnut told "Fox&Friends." 

"But the doctor put me in this," he said, referring to the cast around his lower right leg.

"I don't eat with my feet. I just got over the pain."

A person holds three hot dogs during Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest at Coney Island on July 4, 2022.

During Nathan's famous hot dog, a person has three hot dogs and eats a contest at Connie Island on July 4, 2022.(Kerry J. Byrne / Fox News Digital)

Chestnut's July 4, 2022, a total of 63 hot dogs consumed bread It was well below the record 76 Frankfurt he ate last year. 

But that was enough to easily beat no. Two Eating Jeffrey Esper in Massachusetts have defeated 47.5 hot dogs and bread.

Kuri revealed some of the strange mechanics of the championship diet. He will have two days of lemon juice and water cleansing before the competition. This allows you to eat about £ 15 and 20,000 calories worth of hot dogs in just 10 minutes.

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"I love them" Said Chestnut about Frankfurt. "I have the best life in the world. I can travel around the world, eat and meet people."

"You are GOAT," Dean said. "You are the hot dog Tom Brady."

Kerry J. Byrne is a lifestyle reporter for FoxNews Digital.