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Herschel Walker said there are 52 states. Do you need to worry?

(CNN)Herschel Walker made a mistake earlier this week.

Regarding Georgia's candidate Stacey Abrams claiming that the state isthe worst state,Walker said, "The Clay Travis {69. } Backsexton Show ":

" If you don't believe in the country, go somewhere. In the worst states, why are you here? Why not? You Are you leaving? Go to another state-is there 51 other states you can go to?

You see the problem. In fact, 50 states. There is a United States, not 52 years old.

Democrats jumped into Walker's mistakes, evidence that the former NFL had gone far beyond his depth in the fight against Senator Raphael Warnock.

Republicans Meanwhile, in 2008, then-Presidential candidateBarak Obama immediately reminded people of saying this during the suspension of the campaign {26. }: "It's great to be back in Oregon. Over the last 15 months we've traveled to every corner of the United States. I'm in 57 states now."

The problem is Whether it is important or not. After all, it's hard to believe whether Obama was a good president or Walker would be a good senator.

Of course, it didn't stop for years, as Republicans criticized Obama for his guff, or claimed its lack. The media coverage at this time-although the controversy is clearly controversial-was evidence of prejudice.

"When President Obama said he had been to'57 states', it was rarely mentioned in fake news media. "Donald Trump tweetedin September 2018. My guess is that Democrats (especially Twitter) use it to question their ability to become US Senators.

That's fine.

But Walker's Slip-up is what the Democrats look like in the country's hottest Senate race, and they It's just another part of the concern about the candidate.

Over the last few weeks, Walker haspublicly acknowledgedhaving an unmarried woman and three children.Faced with reports that he was not working for a law enforcement agency,responded to a large school shooting in Uvarde, Texas, previously over thebarrier.claimed and offered.
When Walker and Warnock debate prior to the general election, it seems unprepared for stakes (and Democratic concerns). Warnock has accepted the invitation to three debates, but Walker's campaignonly states that he is looking forward to the debate of the incumbent. No.

Points: In vacuum conditions, Walker's 52 state slip-up doesn't make much sense, but he's doing it. It doesn't look good for candidates who are already faced with questions about whether they are ready to continue working.