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Highland Park tells the history of the film in the 1980s before the July 4th parade shoot.

Highland Park
From "dangerous business" to "Felizbuler's holiday", Highland Park has problems for wealthy children. Outside the windy city that gave a sense of affluence and comfort that settled.AP

At least 6 people were shot deadlySmall Chicago suburbs Parade on July 4th Mondaywas formerly best known as the background of the most iconic films of the 1980s.

From dangerous business to'Felizbuler's holiday', the vast houses and tree-lined streets of Highland Park, Illinois give movie fans a sense ofrichness and comfort,21} Wealthy children have trouble outside Windy City.

The suburbs were also a place of incompatibility for teens, reminiscent of their ideal woman with "strange science", and an exciting high school senior Jake Ryan's wild party "16 It was held at "Candle".

The late director John Hughes placed most of his films in and around Chicago and Highland Park in his favorite place.

Risky Business was filmed in Highland Paark
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Risky Business home
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Feliz Buehler's best friend, Cameron Fly, lives in a stunning local glass house overlooking a wooded valley,his father's precious The 1961 Ferrari 250GTSpider Convertible was destroyed inone of the most memorable scenes in the movie.

Known as the Benrose House after its first owner, this landmark house was designed by the late Chicago architect A. James Spear, a disciple of the famous modernist Mies van der Rohe. it was done.

The Emmy Award-winning 2001 television documentary series "American High" also addressed issues such as drug use, parental divorce, and gay career. Recorded a year in the life of a teenager in Highland Park.

The Chicago Bulls, who won the 0s Championship at once, including Michael Jordan and Scotty Pippen, members 199 hoop legends, and Jerry Klaus, the team's late general manager, are at Highland Park. I owned a mansion.