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Highland Park parade suspects have legally purchased multiple weapons, officials say

July 4 parade attacksuspected of legally purchasing multiple weapons prior to shooting at Highland Park, Illinois, 6 people Died, law enforcement officials told NBC News.

Authorities did not identify the weapon purchased. Officials said the weapons used in the slaughter were also powerful rifles, injuring more than 20 people.

Authorities said the weapon was left on the scene and could be tracked to identify the suspect.

Early Tuesday, the mayor of Highland Park, Illinois, confirmed that the weapons used in the attack were legally purchased.

"I don't know where the gun came from, but I know it was legally obtained. At some point, the country is about these weekly events, including the killing of guns. I think we need to talk. Dozens of people with legally obtained guns, "Nancy Rotelling told NBC's" Today "show. "If that's what our law represents, I think we need to revisit our law."

Highland Park is against gun violence. I was the leader of the battle. Almost 10 years ago, Rotering led an effort to ban offensive weapons in the suburbs of Chicago. This is a move that has been challenged and ultimately upheld by the Supreme Court.

In June 2013, Highland Park officials passed an ordinance banning AR-15s and AK-47s after a meeting overflowing from the city council's meeting room. TheChicago Tribunereported at the time.

In the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, six months ago shooters used AR-15-style weapons to kill 20 first graders and 6 educators. I killed you.

The Tribune reports that the Highland Park Conference following the then-approved bill to allow Illinois owners to carry hidden pistols has become patient.

A resident pointed out that more people were killed in car accidents than assault weapons in the past year, and took a microphone and asked, "Are you considering banning cars?" I did. 

Another claimed that the ban was meaningless, the report said.

"If I really wanted to, I could kill someone with a lamp or a coffee mug," she said.

In response, the emotional resident said: "Coffee mugs can't kill people in a room. I'm sorry."

"You don't need a sandy hook in Highland Park," another person added. "People are being slaughtered for assault weapons because of the unregulated industry that has taken over the country for fear."

The city council is 6-1 {to pass the ordinance. I voted for 48}. The ordinance was immediately challenged by local doctors and the Illinois Rifle Association.

The case was brought to the Supreme Court of the State, which refused to hear it and upheld the lower court's ruling in favor of the ban.

With the addition of Judges Clarence Thomas and Antonin Scalia, opposed, with Article 2 of the US Constitutional Amendment and the arming of Americans specifically for self-defense. Mentioned the court's responsibility to protect rights. Defense of their home.  

Opposition said the Highland Park ban was "extremely suspicious because it widely bans common semi-automatic firearms used for legitimate purposes." The overwhelming majority of civilians who own and use such rifles do so for legitimate purposes, including self-defense and target shooting. "