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Shooting at Highland Park was accused of being a "slave" by Americans "Ancient Documents:" MSNBC Guest

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Rosa Brooks, a law professor at Georgetown University, has accused the Americans of the mass shootings ofHighland Parkas "slave" of the Constitution. "Men" and Tuesday.

During the July 4th parade in Illinoy, armed shooters shot and killed at least seven people and injured dozens more. Authorities have not yet disclosed their motives, but the suspect is currently being detained by police.

Joy Reid, the host of MSNBC's "The Reid Out," spoke with the Lost Life-Mourning Panel, but as a result demanded stricter gun control legislation.

A police officer holds up police tape at the scene of a mass shooting at the Highland Park Fourth of July parade in downtown Highland Park, a Chicago suburb, on Monday, July 4, 2022.

Police officers on Monday, July 4, 2022 , Mass shooting at the July 4 parade at Highland Park in downtown Highland Park on the outskirts of Chicago.(AP Photo / Nam Y. Huh)

"It's time to say that no one in America needs an offensive weapon. It needs an army. And it's not what people need, and it's clear that he did whatever the mental problems the shooters had here, even if he didn't need it. I didn't need a gun. "

Highland Park Shooting:'Active Shooter'A' Pretty American' July 4th symbol, WAPO COLUMNIST is 

Chicago and Highland Park gun lawsare some of the strictest in the country, but Brooks instead finds New York's hidden carry law unconstitutional. Focused on the Supreme Court's decision.

"We still live in the world and brought it ourselves. Oops, it's because of the Russians that they shouldn't have invaded us. I can't say, or oops, this is Alcaeda. This is us. Because this is 100% us and is a slave to a document written by a small group of white slave owners over 230 years ago. "Brooks said.

Facimile of The Constitution For The United States Of America Dated September 17, 1787. (Photo by Fotosearch/Getty Images). 

Fasimir 1787 of the United States Constitution dated September 17. (Photo by Fotosearch / Getty Images). 

Since the announcement in June, some liberals have called for aSupreme Court decision, and many hosts and guests have more guns than women. It suggests that you have the right.

Brooks said, "And we can't get out of the bond we imposed on ourselves. Everything by our Supreme Court is decided by referring to this ancient document that is useless to us. At this point, it is causing great problems and great tragedy. " 

Bashing on July 4th is the best coat" Declaring a War Against Women Was justified after NJGOV. MURPHY TELLS CNN 

In April, Reed accused the Supreme Court of"Projust White Christian Court". Take up cases involving religious freedom.

Guns and the U.S. Constitution

Guns and the US Constitution

Segment In the second half of, Brooks agreed with Reed. The main problem in this country is the easy availability of AR-15 weapons.

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"People can do something like AR-15 The harm is astounding. When you talk to a military veteran, when you talk to a police officer, they are said to be essentially weapons of war. These are used by people for legitimate purposes. It's not a weapon that people are using, it's a weapon that people use to carry out genocide, "Brooks said. ..

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