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Highland Park Shooter's Interesting Description, Name Released After the July 4th Parade Attack

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Warning: Graphic image: Police in Illinois say a white man with black hair and a slim figure after Gunman attacked the Independence Day parade. Looking for suspectsAuthorities said that in Highland Park, a wealthy suburb of Chicago, everyone living near the scene was told to evacuate to a given place. .. Investigators believe he is about 19 years old.

Police recovered the rifle, but said unidentified shooters were stillarmed and considered dangerousauthorities are interested The person was identified as 22-year-old Robert E. Climo III. Armed and dangerous. He was 22 years old and was driving the 2010 Honda Fit on the license plate DM80653. 

Before escaping, he killed at least six people and injured about another 20 more from the rooftop perch, said Chris Coveli, deputy chief of the Lake County Security Officer's office, in the afternoon. Said in the news briefing. Five of the killed were found on the scene and were adults, officials said. The other was taken to a hospital where he died. 

Authorities said a child was injured and seriously injured. 

According to authorities, a gun battle broke out at the intersection of Central Avenue and Second Street in Highland Park at around 10:24 am on Monday. The shooters remained in large numbers as of 3 pm, and police said he had never hid anywhere or took the hostages to their knowledge.

Highland Park, Illinois, Parade Shoot on July 4

A Fourth of July parade-goer runs for cover after gunfire was heard at the parade Monday morning, July 4, 2022, in a suburb of Chicago. (Lynn Sweet/Chicago Sun-Times via AP)

On Monday morning, July 4, 2022, after hearing gunshots at a parade outside Chicago, parade participants on July 4 I run for a cover. (Lynn Sweet / Chicago Sun-Times via AP)(Lynn Sweet / Chicago Sun-Times via AP)

Covelli said the suspect was "powerful" Rifle ”declined to give a detailed description of the weapon. He said the attack began near the last section of the parade route and targeted bystanders.

He added that the attack was "a very random, very intentional, very sad day."

Authorities said the shooters probably accessed the corporate roof through a ladder in the alley attached to the building. 

State police and Chicago officials rushed to the scene to assist the Highland Park police investigation, as did an agent at the Lake County Security Officer's office. Officials said the FBI was also backing, with the Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives Bureau working to track down theweapons used in the attack.

Illinoi Man Hunt in progress four days after the July parade shooting at Highland Park. At least 6 confirmed dead

Empty chairs sit along the sidewalk after parade-goers fled Highland Park's Fourth of July parade after shots were fired, Monday, July 4, 2022 in Chicago. (Lynn Sweet/Chicago Sun-Times via AP)

On Monday, July 4, 2022, an empty chair sits along the sidewalk after parade participants escape from the July 4 parade in Highland Park after a bullet was fired in Chicago. (Lynn Sweet / Chicago Sun-Times via AP)(Lynn Sweet / Chicago Sun-Times via AP)

Authorities told residentsykeeps hunting the suspect

"Currently all we know is that he has not been detained and has not died," said Lake Forest Group's founder and CEO of security consulting firm. He is a former secret service agent, police officer, and senior director of security at NBA. "Sometimes these people run away ... some want to commit themselves by police, some want to commit themselves, others don't want to be caught."

Verden is just four miles from the parade route. He said he lived in and was able to hear the police react after the attack from his home. Like other locals, he said he was evacuating there while police were searching for the suspect on a large scale.

"The biggest thing so far is that this person has not been detained," he said. "Usually in this kind of incident, you die in the field ... this is a kind of unique thing."

Blood pooled at Port Clinton Square in Highland Park, after a shooting at a July Fourth parade, in a Chicago suburb, Monday, July 4, 2022. (Lynn Sweet/Chicago Sun-Times via AP)

Later, blood collected in Port Clinton Square in Highland Park Taken on Monday, July 4, 2022, at the parade on July 4, in the suburbs of Chicago. (Lynn Sweet / Chicago Sun-Times via AP)(Lynn Sweet / Chicago Sun-Times via AP)

He is usually an active shooter Having multiple firearms, he said it was normal to assume that the suspect was still armed after the authorities recovered the weapon.

The Federal Aviation Authority has temporarily banned aircraft from flying over Highland Park. The agency issued a "temporary flight limit" of up to 3,000 feet for 5 miles before canceling at 3 pm. Local time.  

Highland Park Hospital officials said they had accepted 26 patients, 25 of whom were injured in the shooting. The ages of the victims ranged from 8 to 85 years. About 4 to 5 children were injured. 

Of the injured, 19 were treated and released. Dr. Brigham Temple, Medical Director of the North Shore University Health System, said the two patients had been transferred to Evanston Hospital.

Illinois' July 4th parade rushes into chaos after multiple people shoot: Report

Parade Started around 10 am at the intersection of Laurel and Laurel. Less than a mile from the shooting scenes on St. John's Avenue, Central Avenue and Second Street. Following the 11am parade at Sunset Park, a celebration called the Force Fest was scheduled. Authorities have canceled the event.

If you have video surveillance, phone video, or still images, please contact the investigator. Business owners in the area asked to see the security camera and share it with the police, Covelli said, "even if you can't see anything there."

A phone video posted on social media that appears to have been shot on-site captured the sound of more than 30 bullets exploding on the parade when the audience panicked and fled. 

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