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Shooting survivors at Highland Park share images of injuries and bloody clothing

Survivors of the shootings at Highland Park shared a bloody image with a graphic of her injury.

"I can't believe I was in the middle of a mass shooting," said a woman who used only the name Lilia photo of her with her face and body covered { Tweeted with 8}. Blood after a bullet grabs her right cheek.

"I saw a man and two women killed when I tried to escape from a rifle blowing ammunition in my direction."She celebrated Independence Day I wroteabout the horror of. A mass shooting in July that killed six people.

"I wonder if my five-year-old cousin and grandmother can live with the rest of my family," she wrote late Monday.

After the wound was cleaned, the woman also shared awound close-up.

"I'm still shocked. I'm very sorry to all who lost their loved ones today," she toldan image of a swollen face after sewing a few stitches {22. I wrote another post with }.

Twitter / @ h4ndcrushed

Another graphic image is her bloody shirt and jeans. , Showing sneakers.

"Don't go to the parade today. I don't trust anything right now," she wrote a few hours after the shooting on July 4 killed six people.

"I felt safe in this parade for 18 years, but today I hit a bullet. Nothing will change in America. This is ridiculous."It looks like a local Highland Park.

A bullet grazed Lilli's right cheek.
Twitter / @ h4ndcrushed

"My boyfriend tried to go to the hospital , Already went to the hospital. It was blocked by the time he was there.

"He brought me flowers and stuffed animals and his comfortable blanket and made me cry. It made me feel very safe. I love him very much, "she added, adding that she had already made a" promise with a trauma therapist "on Tuesday.

Lili also shared a report on the local television network about Robert "Bobby" E. Climo III. Interest in the genocide. "

"This is the c–t that killed innocent people," she writes about a man suspected of hitting her face.

The mass shooting in the affluent Chicago suburb of Highland Park killed at least six and injured dozens more.
Twitter / @ h4ndcrushed

Lili also calls her a "cute propaganda crisis" Actor who reposted a tweet from someone who is out! "

" Literally unbelievable "She wrote.

"I didn't post to pay attention to myself. To share the reality of what's happening to many people and understand that people need to change things. I wanted to. "