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Shooting at Highland Park: Witnesses explain efforts to save children and tell tragedy

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A local who witnessed the July 4 parade shooting near Chicago shared his experience and explained the efforts adults made to save their children.

"I was sitting right there," Brad Kramer told Fox News. "The next thing I know is that people are jumping over me and throwing their children down."

Gunmanon July 4th He shot into the parade, killing 6 people and injuring more than 30.Robert "Bobby" E. Climo IIIwas arrested as a person interested in shooting. 

According to local reports, the shooting injured several children.

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A witness to the Highland Park attack wipes away tears as he recounts the shooting.

Highland Park attack witnesses weep as they talk about shooting Wipe away. (Fox News Digital / Lisa Bennatan)

"The first thing I did was save the kids," Kramer told Fox News. "Grab the kids."

Kramer picks up the grass chair he left behind in thescene of theshooting when he described the attack on Fox News on Tuesday morning. I was taking it. He sometimes choked and stopped to wipe his tears.

A witness to the July 4 shooting at a parade near Chicago points to where he was at the time of the shooting.

Shooting at a parade near July 4th Witness Chicago points to where he was at the time of shooting. (Fox News Digital / Lisa Bennatan)

"I was singing to the music, but people were running in an instant," he said. Added. "Because the marching band was in front of us," he didn't hear the gunshot.

He told Fox News that a man was waving his arm. Then the band started running downhill with their instruments.

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Law enforcement works the scene after a mass shooting at a July 4 parade near Chicago.

Law enforcement agencies fired mass fires at the July 4 parade near Chicago. I am active in the field later. (Photo by Jim Vondruska / Getty Images)

A dove jumped over Kramer and threw his daughter under Kramer's lawn chair.

"What's wrong?" Kramer asked a man two inches away from his face. The man replied, "Active shooter."

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Children's sneakers and sunscreen lay next to lawn chairs left behind following the Highland Park Independence Day parade shooting.

Lawn chair left after shooting the Parade on Highland Park Independence Day Next to, there were children's sneakers and sunscreen. (Fox News Digital / Lisa Bennatan)

"Literally, I'm jumping over the kids in case a bullet comes down." Kramer told Fox. news.

A witness to the Highland Park shooting recounts the tragedy as he picks up items he left behind.

Highland Park shooting witnesses are a tragedy Is said as follows. He picks up the items he left behind. (Fox News Digital / Lisa Bennatan)

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Kramer said he and others rushed to take the children to the nearby front yard, but there wasn't enough space for adults. did.

Police deploy after gunfire erupted at a July 4 shooting at a parade near Chicago in Highland Park, Illinois. ABC affiliate WLS/ABC7 via REUTERS     NO RESALES. NO ARCHIVES. MANDATORY CREDIT     TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY

After firing in the shooting on July 4th Police deployed Parade near Chicago in Highland Park, Illinois. ABC Affiliate WLS / ABC7 via REUTERS  No resale. There is no archive. Required Credits  Today's TPX Image(ABC Affiliate WLS / ABC7 via REUTERS)

"The entire crowd could have been armed It was sexual and wouldn't have made a difference, "Kramer told Fox News. "When I go home and sit down and think about it, it's an assault rifle. Every time there's a shot, it's an assault rifle."