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Highland Park suspects Robert Climo bought the rifle used for the attack online: Report

A gunshoter charged with killing seven people in Highland Park was used in a massacre at the July 4 parade. I bought a powerful rifle online. According to the new report.

The owner of Red Dot Arms at Lake Villa (a town about 25 miles northeast of Highland Park)is the Daily Beastwith Robert "Bobby" Climo III, 21 years old as a weapon. He said he got it. At his store after purchasing online from a Kentucky-based retailerBudsGun Shop & Range.

On Wednesday, authorities identified the murder weapon as a Smith&Wesson M&P 15 semi-automatic rifle, and stated that Climo purchased it in 2020 — police officerurgently. The year after responding to the callfrom his family, he threatened to kill people and said he was hiding his knife.

Officials added that police officers looked up the rifle's serial number to track down the rifle and left it wrapped in a red blanket at the scene of the murder.

Red Dot Arms
Red Dot Arms

The owner of the Red Dot who asked not to reveal his identity , Said on Wednesday: The store closed on Monday, and an agent from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms contacted him after the shooting that morning.

The Daily Beast reported that the owner took out a Form 4473 document containing the rifle serial number and Climo's name within a 10-minute drive from his home.

"We do the paperwork with great care," the owner told the outlet. "That's our job. That's what we track."

Blood at the scene of the shooting

A man calling himself John made an additional comment on Wednesday. Attempts to contact a Kentucky gun retailer representative have failed.

The rifle is one of the four firearms that Klimo bought through the Red Dot Arms, law enforcement officials told The Daily Beast. Officials said the suspect owned a total of five guns.

"Most of these people ... it's pretty ridiculous to do these things," said the Red Dot owner. "The person I thought would have been able to grind the serial number with this, and we couldn't find him."

Robert Crimo III mugshot

Climo first appeared on Wednesday for seven charges of one murder. He looked eerily calm while effectively emerging from Lake County Prison.

According to authorities, Klimo plans an attack for several weeks,wears women's clothing for a blood bath, and then the crowd hides his unique tattoos with makeup. It melted into and ran away.