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Highland Park victims Kevin and Irina McCarthy leave a toddler "must navigate life as an orphan"

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Highland Park parade shootingThe parents of a two-year-old boy found in the chaotic aftermath on Tuesday were Kevin and Irina. Identified as McCarthy.

According to a fundraiser verified by GoFundMe, the boy Aiden was slaughtered and unharmed. He is taken care of by his family.

"Aiden is in an unthinkable position because he grows up without parents," Page said. "He will have a long way to go to heal, find stability and eventually lead an orphan life. He is surrounded by a community of friends and extended families who accept him with love. You need it as you grow up. "

Irina McCarthy's father, Michael Lebberg,told the Chicago Sun-Timesthat Kevin had died protecting his son.

"When he was shot, he had Aiden under his body," Lebberg told the newspaper. A few hours later, when Lebberg picked up Aiden at the Highland Park Police Station, the little boy told him, "Mom and dad are coming soon."

"They were crazy about their children," Lebberg added, and his voice was cut off, the newspaper reported. "They were planning two."

Irina, 35, and Kevin, 37, graduated from DePaul University in Chicago, the university said Tuesday night.

Image: Irina and Kevin McCarthy
Irina and Kevin McCarthy.Via GoFundMe

"We pray to their families, especially their son Aiden, and all those affected by this nonsensical tragedy. Dedicated, "said DePaul's spokesman. Russell Dawn said in an email.

Irina received a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance in 2009. According to Dawn, Kevin got the same degree two years later.

Kevin McCarthy worked with Jaguar Gene Therapy and said in an email to employees that the CEO of the Illinois company was according toNBC Chicago. CEO Joe Nolan writes that Kevin is a "star employee" with "incredible work ethic."

"Apart from work, he was a very proud father and a devoted husband who worshiped his family," Nolan wrote. "We will miss him very much."

The othervictims killed in the holiday parade were identified by police as Catherine Goldstein, 64. .. Jacquelyn (Jacki) Sundheim, 63; Steven Strauss, 88; and Nicolas Toledo-Zaragoza, 78.