During today’s episode of The Drew Barrymore Showguest Hilary Swank revealed whether she would ever “wax on, wax off” again. While reflecting on her role in The Next Karate KidBarrymore asked the actress the burning question everyone wants to know: Will she reprise her role as Julie in Cobra Kai?

In a game of Behind the Scenes, Swank opened up about that famous mid-air kick photo that appears on the cover of the 1994 spinoff. While she remembers it being “fun,” she said, “I had to get on a trampoline and do this and I swear I had to do it for five hours, and the next day I couldn’t walk.”

Meanwhile, Barrymore, who admitted she watches Cobra Kai “religiously,” asked the actress if there is any chance fans will see her on the show. After all, the Netflix reboot series has never shied away from bringing back characters from across the franchise. Aside from main characters Ralph Macchio (Daniel) and William Zabka (Johnny), Elisabeth Shue (Ali), Martin Kove (John Kreese), Thomas Ian Griffith (Terry Silver), Yuji Okumoto (Chozen Toguchi), and Tamlyn Tomita (Kumiko) are just some of the names who have made appearances. So who’s to say Swank can’t pop in for Season 6?

“This is what’s crazy, I get asked this more than anything. I get stopped on the street, in interviews, on Instagram, whatever it is,” Swank revealed, however, she told the host, “No one’s ever called me.”

When Barrymore asked if she would do it if they called, Swank said, “If you want me to, then I might have to,” to which the Wedding Singer actress excitedly responded, “I do! This is a no-brainer. You can bring your two Academy Awards to set.”

The Drew Barrymore Show Cobra Kai are all currently streaming on Netflix.