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Hong Kong lawmakers test Covid positive after photo with Xi

A Hong Kong legislator who took a group photo with Chinese President Xi Jinping during a visit to a financial hub this week was tested for corona virus on Sunday. I confirmed that it showed a positive result.

Xi visited Hong Kong under strict security measures to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the delivery of the city from the UK on his first trip from mainland China since the outbreak of the pandemic.

Steven Ho, a 42-year-old member of Hong Kong's largest pro-Beijing Party, a member of the city's Rubber Seal Council, is one of about 100 officials in close contact with Xi on Thursday. was. afternoon.

According to a photo released by the government, Ho stood in two rows directly behind Xi.

He said the legislator was negative on the first day of Xi's visit on Thursday and returned an uncertain test on Friday.

After uncertain test results, he did not attend the event on Friday, he said in a social media statement.

"The July 1st sample was very infectious and was classified as" uncertain ", but due to public safety, we did not attend the event that day," Ho said. He writes.

Ho was the second member of the DAB party to test positive before and after Xi's visit.

Hong Hong's only representative for Beijing's highest legislative body, Tam Yi Chung, tested positive on Thursday and was absent from all events.

China is still the only major economy pursuing a zero-covid approach that eliminates outbreaks when they occur, using snap lockdown and mass testing.

Xi hasn't left China for nearly 900 days, and the borders of vast countries are largely closed to most outsiders.

Hong Kong is pursuing a lightweight version of Zerocovid, but maintains heavy travel and collection limits throughout the pandemic.

To prevent both coronavirus and political opposition from getting into Xi's orbit during a trip to a city where the democratic movement has collapsed since the massive protest three years ago. Very strict rules have been imposed.

Hundreds of government officials, legislators and other invited guests are anti-Covid "closed", including limiting social contact, conducting daily PCR tests, and checking in to quarantine hotels for several days. Forced into a "loop" system. Until the visit.

During the visit, parts of the city were closed, prominent opponents were placed under close police surveillance, and multiple journalists were banned from reporting the official event.

Nine arrests were made by the city's National Security Police the week before Xi's visit, and at least two were arrested on Friday.