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Hong Kong celebrates 25th anniversary of delivery

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The UK is doing "everything it can" to bind China to Hong Kong's pledge, Boris said. -Prime Minister Johnson said

From Arnosciad of CNN in London 

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Thursday, Britain to China A country that said it was doing "as much as possible" to bind its commitment to "one", two systems " Hong Kong Kong. 

"25 years ago we made a promise to the territory and its people. We will do everything we can to keep it and keep China in that promise. 197} Hong Kong is again run by the people of Hong Kong for the people of Hong Kong. " Said in a video statement. 

He said in his declaration, "The foundation on which the modern Hong Kong was built will proceed almost undisturbed." But since then things have changed for the city.

"For some time, that was certainly the case, and Hong Kong and their people continued to prosper and prosper, but 25 of the delivery. On the anniversary , we cannot avoid the fact that Beijing did not comply with its obligations: the rights and freedoms of Hong Kongers, and the continuation of their homes. It's a situation that threatens both progress and prosperity, "he said.

Johnson said that was the reason Britain gave the Hong Kongers a "route" to live in Britain, and 120,000 people started that route. 

Some contexts:Hong Kong Once a British colony, Kong was 50 years of "high autonomy" given below by Beijing. Is in the middle of a promise. A framework known as "one country, two systems". 

For many years, Hong Kong has protected freedom of speech, rallies and the press, attracted multinational corporations into cities and enjoyed China's reputation as a "gateway to the west." .. It was the only place in China's soil that was allowed to commemorate the Tiananmen Square Incident in 1989, openly host a campaign against democratization, and demand greater election reforms.

However, public concerns that the 50-year deadline has come early due to the city's recent political turmoil, the introduction of a drastic national security law by Beijing, and the city's professional crackdown. Is increasing. -An opposition group to democracy.

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Analysis: Xi Jinping heeled Hong Kong. Today he visits a transformed city

Analysis by CNN staff

A pedestrian waits to cross the street as flags of China and Hong Kong are displayed ahead of the July 1 anniversary in Hong Kong on June 27.
Pedestrians are the flags of China and Hong Kong Waiting to cross the street as Hong Kong will be on display ahead of the anniversary of July 1st in Hong Kong on June 27th. When Chinese leader Xi Jinping arrived yesterday, thousands of Hong Kong police were lined up in front of the harbor as they were guarding the end of the city's high-speed rail.

On his first trip away from mainland China since the beginning of the pandemic, Xi joined Hong Kong to commemorate the 25th anniversary of his return to Chinese rule. Did — a very iconic event at a time of great importance to both the city and Xi itself.

The former British colony is in the midst of Beijing's 50-year promise of "high autonomy" under a framework known as "one country, two systems." Also, are the newly appointed leaders, former hardline police officers John Lee

Xi, just a few to finish the first decade of power? It only takes a month. This fall, he is aiming for an unprecedented third term at a major meeting of the ruling Communist Party.

Two-day trip heals Hong Kong under the radical National Security ActXi's political victory timely It is a declaration. According to critics, in just two years following the 2019 anti-government protest, the law quelled the city's opposition, reviewed the electoral system, and silenced the candid media. Once a vibrant civil society.

The Hong Kong government has repeatedly denied that national security law is suppressing freedom. Instead, it claims that the law has ended the turmoil and restored the stability of the city.

For authoritarian leaders who are obsessed with stability,Hong Kong may feel more like home than ever. Unlike his previous visits to the city, Xi needs to worry about the official wording of the objection, such as the important headlines on the top page of the local newspaper, the protest slogan on the billboard, and the mass rally on the street. lost.

Instead, he is surrounded by a series of powerful security measures, including "patriotic" officials, loyal tycoons, and city-wide bans on large obstacles and drones. He is also separated from the general public by a "closed-loop" system that is meticulously maintained. It is installed to protect him from the city's increasing Covid-19 infection.

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Why is there a Chinese leader Xi Jinping in Hong Kong today?

From Kathleen Magramo of CNN in Hong Kong

Two women take a photo in front of a poster of the Chinese leader Xi Jinping at an exhibition hall in Hong Kong on June 28.
Two women in front of the poster of Chinese leader Xi Jinping Take a photo at the exhibition hall in Hong Kong on June 28th. (Emmanuel Serna / SOAP Images / Sipa USA / AP)

Chinese leader Xi Jinping has withdrawn from mainland China for the first time since. The pandemic started for two main reasons. It is a formal vow to oversee the ceremony commemorating the delivery of Hong Kong from the United Kingdom to China  25th Anniversary . The new leader of the city.

For about 900 days since Xi last left the mainland on January 17, 2020, his diplomatic activities have been limited to virtual summits and video conferences, especially important for his trip to Hong Kong. Giving sex.

Anniversary of Delivery:British colonial rule over Hong Kong ended on July 1, 1997, 156 years later, because the city was under Beijing control. ..

The former colony is now in the midst of Beijing's 50-year promise of "high autonomy" under the framework known as "one country, two systems."

Attendance at the Delivery Anniversary Festival is very symbolic for Xi, who wants to be seen as promoting "national rejuvenation."

New Hong Kong Leader:Former Security Chief John Leeis appointed Chief Executive Officer of Hong Kong today, Xi Preside over. formula.

Lee is a former hardline police officer who undertook the city's opposition to democratization. When he was the security chief, he oversaw the arrests of dozens of activists and theassaultin the newsroom. Lee will replace the retiring leader Carrie Lam after her turbulent five-year term.

Some contexts:In what the government claimed as an "open, fair and honest" election, mainly government-appointed 1,461 people. The Pro-Beijing Commission appointed Lee as the next leader in a vote on May 8. Lee was the only candidate , in contrast to the year before the final vote was held among multiple candidates.

Residents of Hong Kong do not have the right to vote directly for the Chief Executive Officer.

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Hong Kong "out of the ash" says Xi arrives in the city

From CNN's Jesse Yong

Chinese leader Xi Jinping arrives in Hong Kong by high-speed train from the border city of Shenzhen on Thursday afternoon, meeting a large crowd waving his flag. rice field. And he sings all at once: "Welcome, welcome, warm welcome".

Then he was guided along the red carpet, as a colorful lion dance played, adding to the hustle and bustle of drums, chanting and trumpets.

Xi was first greeted by Chief Executive of Hong Kong Carrie Lam and her top executives leaving Hong Kong. After exchanging a few words, Xi and his delegation slowly walked through the station, waving to the crowd and talking to other officials in attendance.

"It's been over five years since I last visited Hong Kong. For the past five years, I've been paying close attention to and caring for Hong Kong," said Xi. .. Subsequent short speech.
"For the past few years, Hong Kong has endured tough challenges, overcoming risks and challenges. After overcoming the storm, Hong Kong emerged from vibrant ashes."

Some contexts:Xi's last visit to Hong Kong to commemorate his takeover was on a street full of protesters against democratization 20 It was 2017 to commemorate the anniversary. ..

However, no protests are expected this year. Most Hong Kong democratic groups dissolved after the city's drastic national security legislation was enacted two years ago.

Subsequent crackdowns imprisoned or expelled almost all of Hong Kong's leading democratic advocates, including activists and politicians.

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