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House Republicans Rally on Trump After Mar-a-Lago Hunt, Vow to Investigate FBI in 2023

House Republicans Rally on Trump to Investigate FBI After Mur-a-Lago Hunt 2023

Next year's frontrunner, Minority Party leader Kevin McCarthy told Attorney General Merrick Garland to "keep the papers and clear the calendars." Told.

A supporter of former President Donald Trump drives past his Mar-a-Lago estate. }

Driving past Monday, August 8, 2022, Palm Beach, Fla. | Wilfredo Lee/AP Photo

House Republicans confirmed Monday night that the FBI raided Donald Trump's Mar-Arago home. Condemned, minority leader Kevin McCarthy vowed to investigate the Justice Department if Republicans regained Congress. fall as expected.

"I've seen enough," McCarthy tweeted hours after Trump confirmed his Florida resort had been raided by federal officials. To describe the Justice Department's actions, using the same term "weaponization" that the former president used in his own statement on house raids, California Republican and front-runner for next year's chairmanship , he told Attorney General Merrick Garland to "keep documents and clear calendars."

McCarthy followed a long line of House conservatives denouncing his FBI investigation on social media. While the Justice Department investigation into the Jan. 6 Capitol attack is coming inches closer to his inner circle, some of his Senate counterparts are staying away from Mr. Trump,as firmly as ever.

Rep. Jim Banks (R-Ind .), the chairman of the Republican Study Committee, who is running for the role of the whip of the majority if the Republican party upends the House this fall, has pushed the search into political scrutiny while vowing a Republican-led hearing in the House next year. I tried to explain as soon as possible.

"Hunter Biden is skating free while the Justice Department carries out a political plot to destroy the lives of political opponents,"Banks tweetedearly. come.

Rep. Banks and Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) are the Republican House Majority and likely to chair the Judiciary Committee, close allies of McCarthy, and the first impeachment of the former president. A longtime Trump supporter. A Twitter account tied to Jordan also hit similar pro-Trump talking points, including the anti-FBI sentiment that has flared up among Trump supporters since the Bureau's investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election.

Likening the Mar-a-Lago investigation to the harassment of civilians endemic in Third World countries, the House Judiciary Committee Republican explanation states that: echoing Trump's Monday night statement. YEARS "collusion". you can't trust them.

According to two people familiar with the search, law enforcement operations at Mar-a-Lago said that the president's records, including those containing potentially classified information, It was related to allegations of being removed from the White House by supporters. After the ex-president resigned. However, the nature of the documents seized by the government as part of the raid remains unclear.

Although far less tied to Mr McCarthy and the party leadership, members of the pro-Trump House Freedom Caucus were among the first to urge the party to oversee the FBI investigation. The group's former president, Rep. Andy Biggs (R, Arizona), called for an investigation into "the viability of federal law enforcement abusing its powers for political ends."

Biggs also attempted to compare the Mar-a-Lago search to the deaths at the hands of political opponents of Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi. President Trump's house has Muammar Gaddafi sunglasses and a Joe Biden hat,” Arizona tweeted. When he returns to Washington on , he is likely to face further questions about the Mar-a-Lago raid and its implications for a possible House buyout plan' partisan climate, tax and health care bill.

Some senior Republicans informally dismissed conservative calls for an investigation, pointing to the need to show evidence that the investigation was a stunt rather than a routine act, but McCarthy's tweets on Monday night have raised the political stakes for quite a few moments throughout the conference.

Also a prominent former Freedom Caucus member, he was even one potential first-choice candidate for President Trump in 2024.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis attacked the search for Mar-a-Lago on Twitter using similar Third World references, calling it "further weaponization of federal agencies against the administration's political opponents." Calling it “escalation,” it added digging into Democrats trying to step up IRS enforcement to help pay for the domestic agenda.

"Banana Republic," he tweeted.