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House Republicans Demand Biden Managers to Respond to Grants "To Promote Atheism Around the World"

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FIRST ON FOX:Several Republicanssay the Republicans "promote atheism around the world" We are seeking answers from the Biden administration regarding the program. ..

Republican Research Commission (RSC) Chairman Jim Banks of India, along with 14 GOP colleagues, President Biden andSecretary of State Antony BlinkenHe led the letter to . Of a democracy, human rights, and labor (DRL) grant program that promotes atheism and "humanism."

"Notice of Financing Opportunities (NOFO)" was officially entitled "DRLFY20IRF Promoting and Advocating Religious Freedom, Including Atheists, Humanists, Non-Practitioners, and Non-Affiliates." "The banks and the Republicans write.

Secretary of State representing racial equality and justice, "Left-wing Social Agenda"

Rep. Jim Banks, R-Ind., led the letter to President Biden and Secretary of State Antony Blinken about the new grant program for atheists and humanists.

Republican Rep. Jim Banks sent a letter to President Biden for atheists and humanists Secretary of State Antony Blinken about the new grant program. (Kevin Dietsch / Getty Images)

"It announces a'competitive'process that grants up to $ 500,000 to organizations working on practice and dissemination. Did atheism and humanism, ie in South / Central Asia and the Middle East / North Africa, "they continued.

Republicans say that atheismand "humanism" are both "official belief systems" protected under the right to the first amendment to religious freedom. "I want to know about other United States," he said. Appropriately funded government programs are used to encourage, instruct, or despise official belief systems such as atheists, humanists, Christians, and Muslims.

The bank and his colleagues said, "It is one thing that the ministry is tolerant and respectful of a wide range of beliefs," and "the government respects the interests of citizens' religious freedom." Encourage them. "

b "It's a completely different thing for the US government to actively work to empower people who are atheists, humanists, impractical, and not involved in public decision-making." I read the letter. "Such a program in the United States would be unconstitutional for religiously identifiable groups."

The Biden administration has made several controversial moves that have turned heads, such as attempting to create a disinformation governance board. 

The Biden administration has made some controversial moves. Responsible for attempting to establish a Disinformation Governance Committee.  (AP Photo / Evan Vucci)

"In addition to the constitutionally questionable legal basis, such grants and co-operative agreement programs There are also doubts about how it will progress. US foreign policy interests. " "If such a program is known to the citizens of the target country, locals, stakeholder groups, and governments will have" secret "funds from foreign powers designed to shatter local religions. As an offer, it is expected that the "objective observer" will be bristle to what you see. And cultural relationships.

The Republican Party states that this is "not" freedom of religion "" and the DRL NOFO on this subject is "more atheists and humanists than all other potential recipients." Is prioritized. " They also argued that prioritization violated "both the founding clause and the free movement clause" as well as the "Article 6 non-religious examination clause" of the Constitution.

"At NOFO, the State Department characterizes atheists as a unique religious group and encourages the building of" networks and advocacy groups "for atheists," the letter read. "This would be similar to the official State Department promotion of religious freedom" especially for Christians "in China, with the clear goal of building a corresponding missionary network. "

" Obviously, this goal will never go through a constitutional convocation and will be ridiculed as completely out of scope by the radical left-wing bureaucrats of your institution, "they continued. .. "So why can't this atheist NOFO be seen with the same objection?" 87}

Blinken's State Department oversees the new Special Representative for Racial Equity and Justice. 

Blinken State Department says racial justice Overseeing a new special representative for justice.  (GINTS IVUSKANS / AFP via Getty Images)

Congressman wrote: "Your government to promote radical and progressive legitimacy abroad" and atheism "are an integral part of the Marxist and Communist belief system."

"A few weeks ago, the US Embassy in Germany raised the flag of" Black Lives Matter ". Americans need to be very cautious about this. Not only that, "Black Lives Matter" is very disruptive and increasingly unpopular here in the United States. This exhibit shows the promotion of a particular radical organization. Other recent Department of State initiatives include the creation of a "Special Representative for Racial Justice and Justice" whose mission is to disseminate critical racing theory. And other progressive dogmas around the world, and working to remove the restrictions on miscarriage around the world.

The bank and his colleagues conclude the letter with a list of 12 questions about the grant program and how it can help US foreign policy.

The banks participating in the letter are several prominent Republicans, including Senator Dunkrenshaw of Texas, Lisa McClain of Michigan, and Tim Walberg of Michigan.

Bank caucuses have already taken steps to deal with the Biden administration's adoption of leftist policies

Biden appointed Desirée Cormier Smith as the State Department's Special Representative for Racial Equity and Justice.

Biden has appointed Desirée Cormier Smith as the Special Representative for Racial Justice and Justice of the State Department. (AP Photo / Bernat Armangue)

The RSC 2023 budget bans the State Department from investing in attempts to promote anti-American ideas. Critical race theory (CRT) and allowing the United Nations to audit US human rights records.

"Last year, the State Department invited a UN Special Rapporteur on Modern Racism and a UN Special Rapporteur on Minority Issues for an official visit to investigate US human rights records." Said the RSC budget. "The Special Rapporteur on Modern Racism, E. Tendayi Achiume, is a member of the Critical Race Research Program and a supporter of the CRT." It is issued when you are enthusiastic about a number of liberal policies.

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Failed to establish a Disinformation Governance Commission From the attempt, the Department of State appointed Desirée Cormier Smith as a special representative of racial justice and justice.

The White House and the Department of State did not immediately respond to FoxNews Digital's request for comment.

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