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How Jets can fill right tackle hole after Mekhi Becton's season-ending injury

Apologies to the Running Bucks, but one metric trumps the other when it comes to filling unexpected holes in the Jets' offensive line.

"The most important thing is not to offend anyone else on the team, but to protect the quarterback," head coach Robert Saleh said Wednesday. "So there will be people out there who are most ready to defend quarterbacks."

Right tackle Mekhi Becton's season-ending knee injury Then, when the dust settled, reality hit the Jets, who relied on Max Mitchell (no career games) during Wednesday's practice. After first seeing Becton's spot on Tuesday, Edga Chuma was the plug-in left tackle on Wednesday as starter George Fant has limited reps. Saleh declared the job at right tackle "open" and said the starter for Friday's preseason game with the Eagles was undecided.

But the most interesting long-term solution The veteran is free to rely on his agent. A "mutual interest" between the Jets and fifth-time professional Duane Brown began over his tackle need to swing his backup, but there was delay in reaching an agreement. Becton's injury raises questions about whether that will happen. Changed leverage.

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If you have questions about whether or not Brown At 36, after playing only on the left flank in his career, he can still perform at a high level regardless of whether he can learn to tackle the right or how much rest his body needs.Mike ``He definitely has something left in the tank,'' Solari, the Seahawks' offensive line coach for 2018-21, told The Post. Told. “A great knee bender and what makes him elite is his athleticism and direction. Very competitive, smart and a leader on and off the field. His play, demeanor, work. In terms of ethics, he will be an asset to the Jets.”

According to Pro Football Focus, Brown has not had more than four sacks in any season since 2011, but last The season allowed eight sacks. He has not missed a start in either of the last two seasons after knee surgery missed his four in 2019. do not practice). He stayed at 312–314 pounds all season.

"He needs a rep because the offense is new, but when a lineman reaches a certain age, you have to watch to make sure he's fresh out of the game," Jets said. Solari, who praised the offensive, told line coach Jon Benton's feelings for the players.

Duane Brown
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"Duane is a pro. I have no doubt he'll be at camp if he signs for.He's diligently researching on his iPad what the strengths of opposing pass rushers are.That's what he brings to the classroom. He will earn everyone's respect for his performance."

However, joining the Jets will not allow you to pick up where you left off. Offensive linemen often say that scrimmage switching sides of his line is like the average Joe learning to do everyday chores with his opposite hand. That's the big question after 15 seasons.

"Can you do it? Yes, he has intrinsic qualities," said Solari. "But given what he's giving on the left side, I don't think he's going to move him out of his comfort zone at this stage of his career.

Solari's opinion is once again unique. He coached Brown and Fanto as Seahawks teammates in the 2018-19 season, when Fanto was a part-time starter at right tackle. Fant started last season at left field for the Jets, where he started 15 games at tackle, and his performances paid off while Becton was told to learn a new position. Asking Fant to move now to make room for a newcomer could be considered an insult.

Edga has 12 career starts to his credit if the Jets choose to stay in-house, but Mitchell, a fourth-round pick in 2021, has the advantage.

"I love the way he plays, the way he thinks, where he is in terms of responsibility and execution," Saleh said. "Obviously, he has an understanding of passing sets and how to play in those one-on-one situations, and the same thing in run games...but he's more capable than we thought. We're way ahead.”

The Jets had dreams of being a top-five offensive line if they were perfectly healthy. But lines are as strong as the weakest link. Now it's light tackle.

"Nobody comes to camp if they don't want to play," said right guard Alija Veratucker. "Everyone is ready to take on the challenge. Only time will tell. Offensively playing his line, if all five are not performing well, no one is performing well." You should know."