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How Mike Evans Found Not Retired Tom Brady

After Tom Bradydidn't retirefrom the NFL earlier this year, Mike Evans was stunned, but a quarterback bomb. The decision was right in front of him. All the while. 

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers star wide receiver recently shared a hilarious way Brady delivered the news hours before the signaler's official Twitter statement.

"He sent me a text message and sent me an article that his ball sold over 500 grounds. This is the last touchdown I threw on the stand against Rams. Evans said the Houston KPRCAria Alexander. "He's like'it's a lot of tuition'.

" I just laughed and said, "I didn't know you were going to retire because of my defense." "Evans continued. "He sent back a laughing emoji and said," There is more touchdown in our future. "

At first, Evans believed that Brady was simply pulling his leg. 

Evans recently shared the hilarious way Brady broke his un-retirement news hours before his official Twitter statement.

"So I thought he was trolling me I'm just there, "Evans said. "I didn't think he would really come back. I thought he was just playing."

Evans was overjoyed when Brady's return was officially announced a few hours later. Did – and of course it is. The 28-year-old uses an average of 72 receptions, 1020.5 yards, and 13.5 touchdowns as pass slinger, a formidable help for the pair to win the Super Bowl together in 2021. Statistics.

There are no signs of Brady's show slowing down, and Evans recorded at least 1,000 receive yards in the previous eight innings, and then entered the ninth NFL season with a few more in the next season. I expect the tandem to connect with a touchdown path. 

Evans has averaged 72 receptions, 1020.5 yards and 13.5 touchdowns with Brady as his pass-slinger.

Brady also signed Chris Godwin and Russell. Has a wide out of gauge throws with the Buccaneers this offseason. But so far, he has lost the talent of Rob Gronkowski, who retired for the second time last month.