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How Conservatives in the Supreme Court are Changing American Rights

SCOTUS, abortion, and rewriting of American rights

When the Supreme Court ruled, overturned the Roe v. Wade case, ended constitutional protection against abortion, and was angry (one protester said, " The United States is not ready for what's to come. Roe v. Wade), and Republican lawmaker Myra Flores said at a celebration ("Hallelujah", "Hallelujah", when a major change in American life began. I prayed for this and woke up. ")

Outside Supreme Court Building In Washington, a protester said, "I'm 21 and I'm scared." Judge Samuel Alito, who called

Roe "terribly wrong from the beginning" and wrote for a majority of5-4, returned the abortion policy to the United States. "It's far from bringing about a national solution to the abortion problem," Arito wrote, "Rho and Casey intensified the debate and deepened the division."

A sudden relief split when people scrambled to understand how their condition was affected. Jan Crawford, CBS News' chief legal correspondent, was late yesterday, abortion was illegal in 10 states, not available in 3 states due to unclear laws, and 13 states are ready to enact bans or strict restrictions. I am reporting that.

CBS News

Abortion is legal stateIn preparation for the influx of people seeking abortion... and boldly protesters against abortion.

"From the moment the Supreme Court decides to file this proceeding, I think the Red States, the Blue States, and the people on both sides of this discussion knew what was coming," said Jessica Levinson of Loyola. The professor said. Los Angeles law school. "My students, and these are law students, they have a constitution, they are shocked that the Roe v. Wade case is no longer a land law. This is even their mother. It's an unimaginable country. "

Attorney Kathryn Colbert wasn't surprised at all by this ruling. "Winning in the Supreme Court is a lot like'Sesame Street'. You have to learn to count and only five are important," he said.

"There are five super-conservative judges in this current court who are not afraid to overturn historical opinions and to incorporate conservative views into the law."

In 1992, Colbert insisted on a planned parent-child relationship vs. Casey in a Supreme Court primarily appointed by the Republican Party. She won, but barely. "Fortunately, Judge Kennedy switched votes at the last minute and wrote Casey's joint opinion, joining Judges O'Connor and Judge Suter, establishing the basic right to choose an abortion for the next 30 years." Said Colbert. "It wasn't a Slam Dunk decision, but it was much better than what we're getting now."

When the Roe v. Wade case was decided in 1973, 46 states There was a shock wave nationwide as the abortion law was unconstitutional.

Abortion was illegal in most states. Four states, including New York, have passed legislation to legalize abortion. The other 13 have begun to allow it with restrictions.

Anti-abortion movements believed that the courts silenced their deep views, mobilized them immediately, and marched since then to hear their voices. Disappointed by the Republican judiciary and the Republican president, the movement has become more politically and legally strategic.

Levinson said, "The conservative legal movement is conservative:" I don't want any more surprises. No more David Southers. No more Anthony Kennedy. We. " I think there have been many years of collaborative efforts through the legal movement. I want a judge who doesn't know where to go. For many of these big constitutional decisions, we want the deals made.

In 2016, Donald Trump promised to give them what they wanted. "The judges I'm trying to appoint will be pro-life, they'll have a conservative tendency," he said at the final presidential debate.

Then Trump sent three credible and solid conservative judges to the Supreme Court.

Colbert said, "They have appeared in this court to dismiss Law and Casey. They are performing their duties and, frankly, do not intend to stop at abortion."

And Judge Arito's majority opinion argues in this court's decision that "it should not be understood as questioning cases unrelated to abortion," but Clarence. Another opinion of Judge Thomas (no other conservatives participated) raises a question about it:

"In the future," Thomas wrote: increase. [Same-sex marriage]. This is because the substantive due process decision is "obviously wrong." We have an obligation to "correct errors" established in these cases.

Levinson said, "When you look at cases such as the right to contraception, the right to marry a partner of your choice, it's probably someone of another race, and maybe it's someone of the same sex. I think the rationale for those cases is now being questioned. Well, wait, abortion is different because it involves life. "Do you buy it?"

"I don't," Levinson replied. "Clearly abortion is different from getting married. Obviously, abortion is different from using contraception. But with legal grounds, marriage is a fundamental right and has the right to same-sex marriage. I think it leaves room for the court to overturn the decision later, like the ruling. "

Crawford asked socially conservative legal scholar Erica Bachioch if there were any efforts to ban contraception. 148} Mr. Bachioch believes the Supreme Court's decision has been postponed. "I'm happy for many reasons," she said. Feminist of life.

Crawford said, "Wait, do you say that the right to abortion is anti-female, anti-feminist?"

"Yes, that's mine." It's a claim, "replied Mr. Bachioch. Backstop. And I don't think this kind of trust was good for women.

She believes that society should refocus on currently underfunded programs to support women in terms of health care, better working conditions, and raising families. Not all women want to be mothers, "Bachioch said. Find a solution.

Crawford said, "So, seeing this moment when the court overthrows Law and overthrows Casey, this is a moment of hope and can change in a positive way. I asked.

Bachioch said, "Of course, people can get together on the left and right, perhaps with different solutions to these problems, but at least there is a way they can sit at the table together. That is my hope. "

In this regard, both sides agree.has the hope of. For Kathryn Colbert, it's time for abortion advocates to become more political. Opponents have taken over the Republican Party and worked for 50 years to become voters against abortion, "she said. And that means it will appear in every election. There are two every year, not just once every four years. And finally, I think this is just as important. We need to make some noise.

Whether you like it or not, this conservative court is likely to be with us for a very long time. Levinson said, "This court will usher in a conservative legal revolution if we have been together for years in this way."

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