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How to Get Hotel Rooms Cheaper Than Best Prices Online

Hotel maid bringing fresh towels to the room

The hotel maid wears a clean towel Bring to your room(iStock)

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This is my spending philosophy. If you can get something a little cheaper, it's worth a little effort. 

Of course, I also like tools that do hard work for me. Tap or click on the online shopping helper to find effective discounts 

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Hotel rooms When it comes to saving money, making the best possible deal is not always the way to go. Sometimes you can do better yourself. My son used the tips below to get a hotel room that was $ 80 cheaper than the lowest online price. 

Do not book from travel sites 

If you are looking for a hotel, go to travel discount sites such as Kayak, Expedia, Hotels, etc. Please use it. .com is a good place to get started, but don't book there. Once you've found the lowest price available for the hotel you're visiting, call the hotel's booking desk. 

Many hotels will achieve or exceed the highest internet rates when booked. They would rather skip outsourcing to travel sites and book your stay directly. The hotel may even introduce free upgrades like better rooms and a free breakfast. 

If you're unlucky with the first person to answer, ask your sales manager to speak politely. 

When it comes to savings, I've put together eight proven ways to lower your monthly internet, cable, and streaming billsyou're welcome. 

This is the best time to book a hotel room 

If possible, the hotel room should be booked I will wait until one day. Better later in the day. After 4 pm, the hotel knows that the odds of selling a room are quite low, so it's more likely to get a lower rate. On average, same-day rates for hotel rooms are 10% cheaper than pre-booking. 

However, be careful about this. If you're traveling to a busy tourist city or a town with big events, don't rely on this strategy. You may be lucky, but most people book a room in advance. In a pinch, sites likeHotel Tonightcan help you make last-minute bookings. 

Hotel inspector is doing last checks for a bed with white sheets at a hotel.

The hotel inspector is at the end of the white bed Checking hotel sheets.

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Don't forget the additional discount 

Book online and you'll be presented with a field to enter your membership details and save even more. There is a possibility. Don't forget to ask for these discounts when you call the hotel to make a reservation.  

Veterans, AAA members, seniors, civil servants, and students often qualify for discounted hotel rooms. In addition to the discount, you may have already obtained it. 

That's not a few dollars either. AARP members get up to 15% off at Marriott Hotels. Best Western offers members 10% off. Wyndham Hotels offers special rates for guests over the age of 60. AAA can save up to 10% on Hyatt Hotel and MGM Resorts facilities. 

Another tip: If you know the hotel chain you want to stay in, go to the website, subscribe to the mailing list, or download the app. You will know first about special discounts and promotions. 

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Use secret mode if you need to book online 

If your job goes well, you can get a cheap room at the last minute Great, but you may need to book online first. The best bet is to open a secret browser window. 

Some travel agencies track what you search for and increase prices the next time you visit the site. With incognito mode, you don't have to worry about price cuts. 

It's not just the travel industry that does this. Many online shopping sites know when you are stalking an item and the price can go up if you leave and buy it later. Don't leave it to me by chance. 

In the image, a man uses his Iphone and laptop computer at his desk.

In the image, a man uses an iPhone and a laptop Is his desk computer.

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