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How to keep your dog safe with fireworks on July 4th

Can you feel the excitement? With Independence Day here, many are preparing for barbecues and fireworks. 

Dog owners know how scared their dog companions are from the fireworks boom and crackling noises. All the turmoil from the celebration can cause particularly disturbing events, sending some dogs into a sensory overdrive. 

Here are some ways you can help your dog reduce stress a bit during this time of the year.

1. Noise preparation

 Freshpet{According to Dr. Azizagrass, a veterinarian, dogs have the ability to interpret audible and physical frequencies. It is said that it is expensive. 15}

If your dog doesn't like the sound of fireworks, try introducing them to your dog before a big day. 

"If you have a surround system, use it," Glass said. 

She used a video of fireworks and said that gradually increasing the volume of the house could be a great way to adapt to your pet.

You should create a space to help your dog cope with the noise.
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"Get used to even the loud noises and vibrations of them. Of the fireworks, it's the one that surprises them, "Glass said. "And when they do a good job, they give them a great treat."

2. Create a calm environment

Neighborhood Glass said that if a person normally launches fireworks, he needs to create a space to help the dog deal with the noise. 

"Sometimes it's their favorite kennel, or maybe they just know they're surrounded by their families," Glass said.

Glass added that when pets feel safe, they feel less anxious. She suggested that you or someone you feel safe beside them until the fireworks are over, providing comfort, treats and affection throughout the night.

If that's not enough, you can talk to your primary care veterinarian to get a specific medicine that is very effective in this type of situation.

Avoid taking your dog out if you plan to see or launch fireworks. 

3. Prevention of anxiety

There are several tools you can use for dogs with noise phobia. Glass suggested that pet parents begin to showcase their anxiety vests, sound machines, or lavender oil on their collars in preparation for July 4th to reduce stress.

4. Identification

Some dogs run away scared by the sound of fireworks. People need to make sure that their pet always has some kind of ID that includes contact information. 

Microchips, dog tags, or both are great ways to identify pets. If your pet has a microchip, make sure it is registered in the national database and your contact information is updated. 

5. Check the fence

Contain your pet in case the gate and fence are undamaged and the pet tries to get out and escape the noise. Make sure you can.

6. Foods to Avoid

There are many foods that dogs need to avoid on holiday weekends. 

“When it comes to barbecuing in the backyard, there are often a lot of greasy and very rich ones with plenty of sauce,” says Glass.

Aside from meat, you want to keep your dog away from roasted onions and corn. Some options are beef and chicken patties specially made for dogs . 

7. Dog Summer Safety

Dogs tend to heat up more quickly than their human counterparts.
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It is important not only to calm your dog, but also to remember the safety of the summer and heat of July 4th. 

"Being able to control heat and humidity does not mean that pets can control it," Glass said. "Our pets are vulnerable to temperatures above 80 degrees Celsius, but there are some things we can do to keep our pets safe and protected from heat injuries, which can be surprising."

Dogs tend to heat up faster than humans, so it is important to refrain from taking them out when the sun peaks. Try to save their energy for a cooler sunset walk.

Fever worries are immediate. Symptoms include excessive drooling, severe gasping, and fatigue. If you notice any of these indicators, put your dog inside. 

"If you think your dog has heat stroke, take it indoors immediately to help cool it down," says Glass. "A common mistake is to put pets in a cold ice bath, which can actually shock their system and cause rapid changes in their blood pressure."

Instead Soak a towel in room temperature water and wipe the dog. It gently initiates the cooling process and gives your dog a better chance of regulating their own temperature. Then go to a primary care veterinarian or the nearest emergency center, Glass said.

As for food and water, it is essential to provide plenty of clean and fresh water and to feed dogs with fresh, water-rich foods to help them ingest.

Keep your hair trim simple. Summer haircuts are suitable for long-haired dogs, but shaving can expose the skin to the harmful rays of the sun.

If you think your pet has a fever-related problem, be sure to consult your veterinarian.