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How to know if your sunscreen has expired

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The US Food and Drug Administration has regulations that require a stable prescription for over-the-counter sunscreens that lasts at least three years, but it can be difficult to tell if SPF has ended. Consumers who purchase the

FDA-approved sunscreencan expect an expiration label to be printed on the product packaging.

For lotion tubes and bottles, the manufacturer's date of manufacture is usually written in the alphanumerical code that appears at the top or bottom of the container. The first two numbers represent the year the sunscreen was made, and the second three numbers represent the calendar day. Expirations, on the other hand, are usually a little clearer when the "EXP" marker is followed by months and years of poor sunscreen.

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In this photo example of the Neutrogena Ultra Sheer with Helioplex Technology sunscreen, the product's lot number and expiration date are listed at the back of the lotion tube, near the top. The sunscreen will expire in October 2021. This Neutrogena product isn't listed in Johnson & Johnson's current national recall.

In this photo example of Neutrogena Ultra Shear with Helioplex Technology sunscreen, the product Lotion tube near the top with the lot number and expiration date listed at the back. Sunscreen will expire in October 2021. This Neutrogena product is not listed in the Johnson&amplifier. Johnson's current national recall. (Cortney Moore / Fox News)

The date of manufacture code and expiration date are also printed on the spray sunscreen and are usually on the bottom of the bottle. ..

Sunscreens in other countries that have become popular in recent years due to e-commerce are usually regulated by the agency of origin and need to be accessible to consumers. For example, the European Commission on behalf of the EU has its own list of tests, efficacy and labeling criteria, but countries in Asia, Africa, Australia and the Americas can classify sunscreens as cosmetics or over-the-counter medicines. There are restrictions. Over-the-counter drugs. 

In addition to paying attention to expiration labels, consumers need to pay attention to how sunscreens are stored and product consistency.

"To keep the sunscreen in good condition, the FDA recommends that thesunscreen container not be exposed to direct sunlight," an FDA spokeswoman said. Told Fox News by email. “Wrap the container in a towel or place it in the shade to protect the sunscreen. The sunscreen container can also be stored in a cooler box for extended periods of time in the heat of the outdoors.”

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Leaving a sunscreen container in a hot setting can diminish the product's effectiveness, the FDA and Dr. Anna Guanche tell Fox News.

Hot sunscreen container Settings can reduce the effectiveness of the product, FDA and Dr. Anna Guanche told Fox News. (iStock)

Dr. Anna Guanche, founder and director of the Bella Skin Institute, said the hot indoor environment can affect the effectiveness of sunscreens. Is warned.

"Sunscreen definitely expires, and when it expires, it loses its strength and is less effective at blocking UV rays," Guanche wrote in Fox News. "For example, if your sunscreen is left in a hot car for a long time or away, it's best to invest in a new bottle of sunscreen just in case."

FDA According to the consumer, consumers should be able to find the proper storage location and instructions for use on the sunscreen label.

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"There is no difference in the expiration date for sunscreens on the face and body. The expiration date has expired. The expiration date is a guideline, but it is better not to use the ineffectivesunscreen. It's the best, "Guanche advised. "Lotions and sprays are the same. When a bottle expires, it loses its skin-protecting effect, so you need to check the expiration date of the bottle."

If there are color or texture changes in your sunscreen before its expiration date, it is best to replace it with a fresh product.

If there is a change in the color or texture of the sunscreen before, there is an expiration date, so replace it with a new one. please. (iStock)

Last month, Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc. issued a voluntary collection offor its aerosol product line.

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The company has been carefully selected by Neutrogena and Aveeno. I recalled the sunscreen. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, benzene contamination is an organic compound that can cause cancer at high exposures.

Benzene has been reported not to be part of the sunscreen's recalled ingredient list, and Johnson&Johnson is investigating the issue, FOX Business previously reported.

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