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How to stay safe while using fireworks

(CNN)Fireworks launch is a tradition for many families during summer vacations such as July 4th and Canada Day. It can have dangerous consequences-especially for young people.

According to the 2021 Fireworks Annual Report of the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, an estimated 11,500 fireworks-related injuries were treated in the US emergency room in 2021. Of these, 8,500 occurred between June 18th and July 18th.During that period, people under the age of 25 and under 15 accounted for about 49% and 29% of all injuries, respectively.

Even among those who understand the risks, compliance with fireworks safety measures can fail, found in recent polls.

University of Michigan Children's HealthC.S. Mott Children's Hospital National Poll reports that some parents have all the safety precautions to use fireworks and sparklers with their children. Do not follow measures.

"Parents must own a portion of it and should take as much responsibility as possible to avoid setting up situations that would undermine or interfere with the celebration. Sarah Clark, a research scientist in the Department of Pediatrics of Innovation, said: Clark is a co-director of the National Poll.

Fireworks-related Injuries are avoidable and preventable, said Susan McKelby, Communications Manager, National Fire Protection Association. If possible, it's best to attend a public fireworks display by trained professionals. She added.

"That's the safest way to enjoy fireworks," McKelby said. "And you probably won't find anything more spectacular anywhere else."

If you choose to light the fireworks, protect yourself and the people around you here. There are several ways you can do it.

Be safe while using fireworks

First, be legal in your area before purchasing or using fireworks Please Confirm. US Chairman Alex Hoehn-Saric Consumer Product Safety Commission told CNN. The American Pyrotechnics Association has adirectory of state laws and regulations on the use of handheld fireworks.

Consumers should not use fireworks or sparklers indoors, or read the fireworks instructions and use them properly, Jane Terry, Vice President of Government for the National Safety Council. Says.

When using fireworks, remember WOW (walking through the water one at a time), Hoehn-Saric added. Keep water nearby in case of an accident or accident. Light one at a time and leave the fireworks as soon as you light them. If the fireworks do not go out after lighting, do not reignite.

According to Clark, if fireworks and sparklers are considered used or out of order, it is best to submerge them in water.

Fireworks can be unpredictable, she said, and it is important to wear protective goggles or eyeglasses to minimize the risk of eye-related injuries.

Alcohol, drugs and fireworks are not mixed. People who have consumed alcohol or drugs should not use fireworks or sparklers.

"Whether you're launching fireworks or watching children with sparklers, someone needs to be on top of it, and that person needs to be careful and calm at work. "Clark said.

Keep your child safe

Parents and guardians mature their child before deciding to engage in activities related to fireworks and sparklers. Clark says he needs to know the degree. Children need to be willing to follow safety rules even when they are agitated, and parents need to make sure their children understand those rules. Most importantly, she added, parents should always enforce those rules.

"It's really hard to predict an accident," she said. "Children get excited. Forget about holding a burning hot object in their hands, and when that object touches their body or someone else's body."

Sparklers may look like a harmless alternative to fireworks, but they burn at temperatures as high as 1,000 degrees Celsius (537.8 degrees Celsius) and can be seriously injured if accidentally held or dropped on your feet or clothing. There is a possibility. Email.

"Given that glass melts at 900 degrees Fahrenheit, we often have something that burns even hotter in people's hands, including children's hands," McKelby said. Says.

When used correctly under adult supervision, older children can light sparklers, but younger children should not treat them at all, Terry said. ..

Some sparkler safety rules that also apply to adults are to keep the sparkler away from your face, use only one at a time, and use the sparkler to stay away from other sparklers. Includes not throwing sparklers on the ground. According to Clark, people can also wear shoes to protect their feet in case they step on a hot sparkler.

"No matter what you do, being safe is paramount," Terry said. “There will be more preventable injuries and deaths during the summer. You need to know what you can do to mitigate the risk of fireworks, heat-related accidents, road accidents, etc.”