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How to watch NBA Draft 2022: time, channel, order, etc.

Who will be number one?

This is a legitimate question for Thursday's 2022 NBA Draft. For weeks, Jabari Smith Jr. seems to have been on the way to becoming Magic's number one pick. However, Gonzaga's Chet Holmgren and Duke's Paolo Banchero still have potential.

The average of Auburn products was 16.9 points, 7.4 rebounds and 2 assists per game. Smith Jr. was awarded this year's SEC Freshman, was named the first team of All-SEC, and was the second team, All-American, after his breakout season. Smith also boasts a field goal rate of 42.9 and a three-point rate of 42.0.

Unlike last season's draft, where Cade Cunningham was the key to becoming number one in the Pistons, there are even more plots this evening.

Holmgren averaged 14.1 points, 9.9 rebounds and 1.9 assists per Gonzaga match last season. But the most striking thing about Minneapolis natives is his 60.7 field goal percentage. His length and size, 7 feet tall, poses an elite threat on both sides of the ball.

Chet Holmgren layup.
NCAA Photo via Getty Images

Banchero is rapidly emerging on the draft board Is the name you have. From June 12th to June 20th, the 6'9 "freshman appearance was number one in some books, perhaps from the third option. Duke Blue Devils Forward is an All-ACC Selected as the first team and ACC rookie. The year after the strong season, average 17.2 points, 7.8 rebounds, 3.2 assists per game. In

, in what order their names are called I hear. Here's how to watch the 2022 NBA Draft.

Where is the 2022 NBA Draft?

The 2022 NBA Draft is It will be held at the Berkeley's Center, home of the Brooklyn Nets. This is the ninth consecutive year that the draft has been held in Brooklyn.

When will the NBA draft in 2022 begin?

The 2022 NBA Draft is scheduled for Thursday, June 23, 8:00 pm ET.

How do I watch the 2022 NBA Draft?

The first round of the 2022 NBA Draft will be aired on ABC and ESPN. The second round will be on ESPN only.

How to Stream the 2022 NBA Draft

Mobile You can also stream the NBA draft in the Watch ESPN and ABC apps on your device. You can also watch the draft on and

If you don't have a cable provider,Sign up for a free trial on Sling TVand watch the 2022 NBA draft for free.

Who likes to be the first choice overall?

At the time of writing, Paolo Bankero is a favorite of -210,BetMGMJabari Smith is +135 and Holmglen is +550. These odds are high. It features line movements and can change significantly in the coming hours.

2022 What is the order of the NBA drafts? {5 4}

Round 1

1. Orlando Magic
2. Oklahoma City Thunder
3. Houston Rockets
4. Sacramento Kings
5 .. Detroit Pistons
6. Indiana Pacers
7. Portland Trail Blazers
8. New York Knicks (from Los Angeles Lakers)
9. San Antonio Spurs
10. Washington Wizard
11. New York Knicks
12. Oklahoma City Thunder (from LA Clippers)
13. Charlotte Hornets
14. Cleveland Cavalier
15. Charlotte Hornets (from New Orlando)
16. Atlanta Hawks
17. Houston Rockets (from Brooklyn)
18. Chicago Bulls
19. Minnesota Timberwolves
20. San Antonio Spurs (from Toronto)
21. Detroit Pistons
22. Memphis Grizzlies (from Utah)
23. Philadelphia 76ers
24. Milwaukee Bucks
25. San Antonio Spurs (from Boston)
26. Houston Rockets (from Dallas)
27 .Miami Heat
28. Golden State Warriors
29. Memphis Grizzlies
30. Oklahoma City Thunder (from Phoenix)

Second Round

31. Indiana Pacers (from Houston via Cleveland)
32. Orlando Magic
33. Trontrapters (from Detroit via San Antonio, Washington, Chicago)
34. Oklahoma City Thunder
35. Orlando Magic (from Indiana via Milwaukee)
36. Detroit Piston (from Portland)
37. Sacramento Kings
38. San Antonio Spurs (from Los Angeles) via Chicago and Washington Lakers)
39 Cleveland Cavalier (from San Antonio via Utah)
40. Minnesota Timberwolves (from Washington via Cleveland)
41. New Orlando Pelican
42. New York Knicks
43. Los Angeles Clippers
44 Atlanta Hawks
45. Charlotte Hornets
46. Portland Trail Blazers (from Detroit via Brooklyn)
47. Memphis (from Cleveland via New Orlando and Atlanta)
48. Minnesota Timberwolves
49. Sacramento Kings (from Chicago via Memphis and Detroit)
50. Minnesota Timberwolves (from Denver via Philadelphia)
51. Golden State Warriors (from Toronto via Philadelphia)
52. New Orleans Pelican (from Utah)
53. Boston Celtics
— Milwaukee (confiscated)
— Miami (from Philadelphia via Denver) (Forfeited by Miami)
54. Washington (from Dallas)
55. Golden State Warriors
56. Cleveland Cavalier (from Miami via Indiana)
57. Portland Trail Blazers (from Memphis to Utah) Via)
58. Indiana Pacers (from Phoenix)