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Two senior ministers of the British government have hit Boris Johnson with his resignation

London (CNN)British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was hit hard on Tuesday when the two Prime Ministers announced their resignation. rice field. No more working for the government involved in the scandal.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and Sajid Javid have announced that they will resign in a letter posted on Twitter within minutes of each other on Tuesday night.

The most pressing controversy facing Johnson is the Deputy Leader, who resigned last Thursday in allegations that Downing Street groped for two guests at a private dinner the night before. Is processing the resignation of Crispincher. He didn't admit the claim directly, but Pincher said in a letter to Johnson that "I drank too much last night" and "confused myself and others."

"People naturally expect the government to be done properly, competently and seriously," Snack said in his resignation. "I admit that this may be the job of my last minister, but I believe these standards are worth fighting, and that's why I resign."

"It became clear that our approach was fundamentally too different in preparation for next week's proposal for a joint speech on the economy," Snack added in a letter. "It's sad to leave the government, but we reluctantly come to the conclusion that we can't continue this way."

Javid said, "It's not possible to take this position. It was a huge privilege, but I'm sorry I couldn't maintain my conscience. " Javid added that last month's vote for confidence in the Prime Minister was "a moment for humility, grip, and a new direction."

"But unfortunately, it's clear that this situation doesn't change under your leadership, so you're losing my confidence," David writes.

Downing Street had a hard time explaining why Pincher was in the government in the first place in a wave of revelations about his previous alleged acts.

When these reports came out, Downing Street initially denied that the Prime Minister knew anything specific about them. Then Johnson's team said he knew about historical claims, but they were "solved." When it became clear that one of the previously unreported claims to Pincher was upheld, a Johnson spokesman explained that "solved" could mean that it was upheld. did.

Then on Tuesday morning, Simon McDonald, a former Foreign Ministry official, revealed that Johnson had been directly informed about the results of an investigation into Pincher's actions.

Minutes before Snack and Havid announced their resignation, Johnson admitted that it was "wrong" to appoint Pincher to his government.

Johnson has faced a barrage of criticisms of his and his government's actions for months.

Last month he survived a vote of no confidence, but the final number of his members who rebelled against him was higher than his supporters expected: 41 of his own parliamentary party. % Refused to support him.

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