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Husband says doctor's wife Yue Yu spiked drink with Drano 'tried to kill him', cites nanny Cumsting: court documents

A Southern California dermatologist was accused of poisoning her husband and put liquid Drano in hot water for "trying to kill him." It is said to have been mixed into lemonade many times.

In a shocking statement to court obtained exclusively by The Post, 53-year-old Jack Chan said his wife of 10 years, Yue "Emily" Yu, was his hot wife. Lemonade said he poisoned his drink at least three times. in July.

Chen, a radiologist, said he became suspicious when he started feeling seriously unwell and decided to install a "babysitter cam" in his kitchen.

A screen of footage obtained by The Post in her grabs showed Yu holding a large red plastic bottle of hers and pouring the contents of into a cup. In another photo, Chen can be seen drinking from a cup.

Video footage shows Yu pouring liquid into her husband's hot lemonade her drink on July 11 and her 18, while Chen He claims he had already been feeling sick for months before reporting a suspected poisoning to Irvine police.

Yue "Emily" Yu, allegedly put Drano in her husband's hot lemonade drink.
NY Post

"In this video (from July 18th), my Lemonade still hot, cover my cup with saran wrap, then Emily takes dreino out from under the sink (sic), removes the cover and pours dreino, replaces cellophane and puts dreino ( (sic) will return," Chen said in a statement. 

Chen alleged that his wife and mother-in-law had verbally and emotionally abused him and his two children, ages 8 and his 7. Chen was given a temporary restraining order against his wife. 

Yu was also ordered by the court to stay at least 100 yards from her son and her daughter. 

"Emily would have called me a 'fuck' and other insults," Chen wrote in the declaration. "Now she minimizes my presence by telling the children in front of her to 'tell him' to do something without talking to me." had me tell her to do menial work for her.

Yue "Emily" Yu was eventually arrested by the Irvine Police Department for allegedly poisoning her husband.
Irvine Police Department via AP

Yelling or insulting , verbally abusive, hitting, pushing, pulling, and emotionally abusive.

No charges have been filed against Yu, who was released from custody late Friday after posting bail, according to Orange County Sheriff's Records. 

Irvine Police Lieutenant Bill Bingham told the Post: Nothing has been found that may cause concern in the patients treated by [Yu]. ''

Yu's attorney, David Wohl, denied Chen's allegations and declined to comment further as he has not yet obtained the video footage. 

Yu categorically and unequivocally denies any attempts to poison her husband or anyone else," Wall told the Post.

Chen's Attorney Stephen Hittelmann said he was working with investigators and turned over the video footage to the Orange County Police Department.

"He started noticing something was wrong with him in March or he April, and when more tests were done, symptoms began to appear quite significant." Said. "At that time, he began to equate the taste of chemicals with the symptoms he was experiencing." He said he had stomach ulcers, gastritis, inflammation.

Chen filed for both a civil injunction and divorce on Friday. He is seeking sole custody of his children.

Chen said in a declaration that Yu and her mother, Yuqing "Amy" Gu, would subject him and his two children to painful emotional and verbal abuse. claimed. His wife is said to have deprived the children of their sleep, often making them cry and calling them obnoxious names.

Jack Chen reportedly grew more and more ill, especially in his stomach. He later found out his wife was allegedly putting Drano in his drinks.
NY Post

"When Emily gets frustrated and yells at her children, she usually uses a Chinese phrase meaning 'die', and she tells them, 'In your head.' "I have a problem," "Your head is sick," "Fuck yourself," "You're an idiot," and "You're an idiot." –hole’, and ‘f–k out of my way… so that they can begin to enjoy more normal life experiences. I just need to know that I can have a happy and healthy relationship with my grandmother without fear or retaliation from her.”

"I feel it," and said that his health was gradually improving. According to his lawyer, Chen had to quit his job as a radiologist to cope with stress and health. "I'm trying to deal with it and help my two children get through it." Hittelman told The Post. "I have defended some very newsworthy cases before...and I deal with a lot of domestic violence as part of my practice, but this is for the book. ''