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Hutchinson was one of the witnesses that Trump World tried to influence, sources say.

(CNN)Former Trump White House aide Cassidy Hutchinsonannounced January 6th. He told the House Committee: She was contacted by someone trying to influence her testimony, three sources familiar with the hearing presentation told CNN.

Commission Vice-Chairman, Wyoming Republican Liz Cheney, said at a hearing on Tuesday that two witnesses (she didn't name) had a relationship with the former president. The world of Donald Trump, who may have been trying to intimidate them, saying he had told the Commission that he had heard from some people. CNN Hutchinson is one of the witnesses, according to sources.

Commission testifies at a blockbuster hearingon Tuesdayto explain witnesses who are being asked by people near the former president to be loyal to him and his administration. I concluded the presentation with an example of.

"Did we usually contact witnesses involved in Mr. Trump's administration or campaign by a former colleague or someone else who influenced or attempted to influence their testimony? I'll ask you, "Chainy said at the hearing, before showing a fragment of how the witnesses answered the question.

In both cases, the Commission testified to Witnesses, noting the fact that the former President was convened by the Commission and hoping to continue to commit to Trump. ..

Hutchinson's safety was a serious concern of the Commission leading up to their hearing. That was part of the reason they kept her identity secret until the meeting.

Hutchinson, then White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows' aide, testified on Tuesday for nearly two hours, with Meadows and Trump rallying and rioting on January 6, 2021. Hutchinson also testified about how Trump repeatedly tried to go to the Capitol on January 6.

Punch Bowl Newsfirst reported that Hutchinson was one of the witnesses cited at the end of Tuesday's hearing.

Committee members suggested that the two examples they presented were only a small part of the evidence associated with the potential threat of witnesses.

California Democrat Adam Schiff, a member of the Commission, told CNN that behavior was part of the behavior pattern of the former president.

"Sure, we've seen the history of the former president trying to influence and intimidate witnesses," Schiff said.

A spokesperson for the Special Committee declined to comment on the Commission's allegations regarding possible intimidation of witnesses.

At a hearing on Tuesday, Mr. Chainy said the Commission had evidence of "certain practices that raise serious concerns."

One witness explained a call from people who were interested in the witness's testimony, Chainy said. Mr. Chaney told the committee that an unnamed witness said: "What they told me is that as long as I remain a team player, they know I'm on the right team. I'm doing the right thing. I'm protecting I'm protecting Who needs to be. As you know, I will keep good grace in the world of Trump, and they reminded me several times that Trump reads the transcript. "

The second example that Chainy made was a phone call received by a witness who said "quote". Faithful. And when you enter the testimony record, you will do the right thing. Witness threats or allegations of influence.

"It's very serious," Chainy said. "It's really at the heart of our legal system, and that's what the Commission certainly considers."

She added, "It can influence the testimony of witnesses at the Commission." To the extent they believe they can, they give us real insights into how the people around the former president are working. That's what we take. Very seriously, and That's what people need to know-it's a very serious issue, and I think the Justice Department is very interested in it and takes it very seriously. "

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