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I "divorced" Cellulite after Troll said my feet were full of "holes"

Instagram influencers tired of trolling cellulite reveal that they are regaining confidence in their bodies after starting treatment to remove cellulite. I made it.

Deborah Porto, known for his body-positive Instagram account, admits that he was inspired by the cruel remarks of strangers. ..

She said she was suffering from cellulite. We compare this to "marriage with someone we don't love."

She said, "I tried everything to get rid of it, but couldn't find a way to work," said Porto, who has 1.1 million followers on Instagram, Told to.

"I love wearing short clothes and I haven't had any problems with them, but for example, my body is much more noticeable than the same clothes with a thin body.

Débora Porto admitted she's struggled with her cellulite.
Jam Press / CO Press Office
The influencer said she's suffered hurtful comments from strangers.
Jam Press / CO Press Office
Porto said her body it draws much more attention than thinner bodies.
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Porto said she was suffering because of a sales assistant who said her clothes didn't look good.

"I thought it looked beautiful and took it anyway. Who said it didn't look good on my body?" She declared.

"Women often feel ugly or bad about themselves, so they don't have the courage to wear clothes or bikinis," continued Porto. "I wear tops and shorts in gyms, streets and supermarkets. I feel very good until I hear unpleasant comments and discriminatory looks from women."

The influencer said. Recalling when two women passed her when she and her sister returned from San Porto, she said of her cellulite, "What a ridiculous ... your feet are full of holes." ..

Porto has spent $10,000 dollars on cellulite removal, recently had her first of several treatments.
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The model said she's 'finally' going to divorce her cellulite.
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"I was really sick, so I got into the car with my sister and talked to her. She was at the gas station. I went back to my store and confronted the women who made me so sad, "said Porto.

"Unfortunately, some women accept the dictatorship of beauty. They are the most stone-throwers."

Cellulite removal procedures have been several so far. Porto, which has one of the cures, costs $ 10,000.

She will be one of the youngest recipients of the "Gold Inspection Technique", a procedure to get rid of her cellulite and lift her ass.

This treatment combines collagen stimulation with fibrotic desquamation filling to act on the production of cellulite, restoring a smooth appearance, reducing sagging and improving the overall quality of the skin. Is reported to promote.

The clinic also claims that this technique improves lymphatic drainage, venous return, and water retention and stimulates collagen production primarily through the presence of collagen-stimulating particle products, as well as the inflammatory process of exfoliation. doing.

"I've seen a higher degree of cellulite resolved," Porto said. "I'm confident that we can finally divorce cellulite."