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There was a brutal sun poisoning incident and I felt like my face exploded.

A woman said she remained looking like a tomato after she felt her face "explode" due to sun addiction. ..

Hannah Mussa was on vacation last month in Egypt with her sister Sarah to visit her family. At that time, she accidentally fell asleep while the pair was catching a ray in the sea.

A 21-year-old woman retreats indoors, after her face is as "bright red" as a "traffic light" and unable to wash the area until sunset. She said she painted wet flannel. Her skin hurts.

But the duo woke up the next morning, with a swollen face that looked like she had swallowed a bee, and she suffered from headaches, vomiting, and eventually blisters. I was there.

Sisters were diagnosed with sun poisoning or eruption of polymorphic light. This is a case of severe sunburn after prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays (UV) from the sun.

A hilarious and candid picture taken by Hannah shows that her and 18-year-old Sarah's fluorescent red face shines like a tomato.

The retail store manager said she was forced to stay indoors for the last two days of her vacation and took a week for the swelling to subside, but still had spots on her skin. ..

A woman has told how her and her sister Sarah was left looking like a tomato after sun poisoning made her feel like her face was going to "explode."
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Hannah is now about the importance of wearing the sun Women taking creams and pills and women receiving acne treatment should be wary of sensitive skin.

Sunburn increases the risk of skin cancer. To protect yourself, you need to wear the correct sunscreen.

"I definitely looked like a tomato.

" My sister's face looked like a balloon and was physically stretched. She was very tight. So I said I couldn't even look.

"I had it a little, but it wasn't as bad as her. I feel like my face explodes when I laugh or laugh. "

Hannah said she enjoyed the sun for about five hours before she realized they were badly burned.

The two sisters were diagnosed with sun poisoning or polymorphic light eruption - a case of severe sunburn after being exposed to ultraviolet (UV) rays.
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Hannah said: After sitting at the beach for a few days in the sun one day, we foolishly fell asleep in fairness.

"We usually don't burn at all. Neither has ever been tanned.

" Once inside, we noticed how red they were. It was bad and we didn't really know what to do.

"It was bright red, like a normal tan, and it was obviously painful to the touch.

" We I didn't wear sun cream. When we're in Egypt or in the sun, we usually don't wear it because it doesn't burn. I know you should do it anyway. But we never have it because it doesn't burn. "

She said that mainly their faces were burnt, but their arms and legs were also burnt.

As the days went on, she had a headache and she got sick a couple of times a day for three days and started to get sick.

Hannah Moussa was on vacation in Egypt visiting family with her little sister Sarah last month when the pair accidentally fell asleep while tanning by the sea.
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Hannah said: Like swallowing a bee or something. Our face was very swollen.

"Our family was a little worried about it, so they called the doctor who said we were sun addicted.

" He did. Not to mention, I had never heard of it. I knew you could have a sun stroke, but you could actually be poisoned by the sun I didn't know.

"The next day, things were getting worse. Our faces were getting bigger and bigger.

" Obviously, we were I felt really hot and couldn't cool down. I had headaches, sickness, hot skin, and blisters all over my face. "

The pair went home. Before returning, I was forced to stay indoors for the last two days of my vacation.

Hannah states: Another thing we used was starch and cold water.

Hannah is now keen to raise awareness of the importance of wearing sun tan lotion.
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"Check-in desk and border control people Egypt jokes He pointed to Sarah's passport and said, "This is her." Then she pointed to her and said, "This is not the same person."

"We were a little worried because she didn't look like a passport photo at all.

What is skin poisoning?

{ A 100} tan is a severe tan, which occurs after prolonged exposure to UV rays from the sun.

Also known as a polymorphic light eruption. Sun poisoning can occur in a variety of ways based on sensitivity to the sun. Unlike mild sunburn, sunburn poisoning usually requires treatment to prevent complications.

Sunburn is significantly worse than mild sunburn. In addition to the symptoms of normal sunburn, blisters and peeling of the skin, severe redness and pain, fever (sometimes cold), dehydration, confusion, nausea and Vomiting, headaches, dizziness, fainting, etc. may occur.

If you are at high risk of sunburn, you have been exposed to the sun for a long time, you are not wearing a sunscreen, or you are special. You may have a sunburn, for example because you have forgotten to take precautions.

You may be at increased risk of sun poisoning if: I have a relative who has suffered from. I am taking antibiotics. I am taking oral contraceptives. I am using certain herbal supplements such as St. John's Wort. I have citrus oil on my skin before it is exposed to sunlight. Apply. Live near the equator; Live in high altitudes (mountainous areas, etc.). Frequently go to the beach as sunlight reflects more strongly from sand and water. Regularly during the winter. Do snow activity – The sun also reflects on snow. We use alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) such as chemical peels.

"Comment at every point we met someone And we were like "Oh no."

"We went out [after returning home] for our family's birthday. We were going to go somewhere nice, but instead we went to the quietest restaurant and just behind everyone. I was very embarrassed to sit in. "

Hannah claims that she and Sara are taking the same contraceptives and the side effect is skin hypersensitivity. This was also exacerbated by the acne medication she had previously taken.

Hannah states:

"Usually wear sun cream without burning 100%. This is my main message. I will definitely wear it now.

" I'm tanning Before desperately, it wasn't worth it. Obviously, I sit in the sun for a while, but not for hours or hours.

"It experiences everything. Just not worth it, it feels very sick and obviously has long-term damage. My skin is still mottled.

"My other advice is taking pills. , Or after that, I didn't know how sensitive my skin would be, so I advise a girl taking acne medicine to pay particular attention to her skin. "

This story was originally Appeared in the Sun and was duplicated here with permission.