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I got a tattoo artist to ink my face with a surprise tattoo — and now it's embarrassing

This modern scarlet letter has deprived her of her humanity.

A humiliating story about how a famous California artist inked her face with a stupid ink on her face, followed by her shame and embarrassment. I shared it. A video explaining her dehumanizing ordealis currently being played 1.9 million times on TikTok.

"I don't talk to people because it's so embarrassing to me, but I'll talk to you because I'm removing it," said a woman passing by @nygf on TikTok. He said: video. The caption snatched, "The best prank I've ever had ... a petition to keep men from doing things anymore."

She uploaded her explainer after asking why a horde of commenters removed her facial tattoos.She recorded 8.8 million views in her previous clip.

"So he tattoos my face and then I get to the mirror," the alarmed gal said while describing the cosmetic catastrophe. "As you can see, the look on my face... I was not f--king amused. I was not happy."
TikTok / @ nygf

The clip was broadcast from her bed after surgery. The woman explained that she got face ink when she was a "stupid 21-year-old" dancer in the "YOLO phase of my life."

"I was spending a beach day with a friend. She said her friend owns this tattoo shop on Laguna Beach." Explained herself in her impressive twenties. "She said we should go, she probably hangs out there and makes some tattoos."

She added: "When [Tattoo Artist] asked what I wanted, I said," YOLO, let's have a face tattoo. Who cares?'"

"Because I’m a stripper, he branded me [with a one dollar note] for the rest of my life on my face," described the horrified ink recipient.
TikTok / @ nygf

But when the dancer asked the artist, he asked her to decorate a crystal between her left ear and chin. It is reported that he said, "Don't do that."

"You should trust me and do what I want to do. According to the testimony of narrator TikTok, the rigid artist said.

Due to her "extreme anxiety" and aversion to saying no to people, the gal said she agreed to follow his lead.

"I thought he ran this store. He's a professional and a very nice store," said the ink recipient. "His tattoos are usually very expensive and I do it for free."

The tat man had told the woman her original tattoo idea was "stupid" and that she should follow his lead.
TikTok / @ nygf

At that time, ca-tat-strophe occurred.

"So he has a tattoo on my face and then I get to the mirror," she said before uploading the resulting photo. "As you can see, the facial expression on my face ... I wasn't funny. I wasn't happy."

The attached photo shows a floral motif on her face. Shows what looks like.

A customer said she noticed something was wrong when the man began to say "laughing and dying," adding that "something is cheerful for this man." rice field.

The gal reportedly had the humiliating tramp stamp on her face for seven years.
TikTok / @ nygf

Ask what the cheeky ink symbolizes The tattoo artist explained that it was a symbol of a $ 1 bill and a clear homage to her career as a dancer.

"Do you understand the joke?" The humiliating gal snatched a literal Trump stamp. "Because I'm a stripper, he branded my face [with a $ 1 bill] for the rest of my life."

She continued, "So I Had this on my face. Whenever someone asks me what my tattoo is, I lie because it's so embarrassing and humiliating. "

Thankfully, my mother, a former stripper, has stripped a modern scarlet letter by a painful laser operation. This is explained in detail in the clip above.

While the tattoo has since been removed, the painful memory hasn't faded.
TikTok / @ nygf

But she uses her trials as PSA I want to be able to do the importance of sticking for myself.

"The morals of the story? Can you pressure me to do what I don't want to do," the courageous woman declared. "Stand up for yourself and speak out for yourself. Otherwise you will look like me."

In a similar tattoo horror story in May. ,The mother was devastated after her deceased grandma's $ 315 tattoolooked like Rod Stewart.

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