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I'm the "Big Belly Goddess" — Trolls tell me I shouldn't wear a crop top

No matter what social media trawls say, one TikToker says he never hesitates to wear exactly what he wants to wear.

This medium-sized influencer says she will keep wearing these as long as she wants, even though Internet trawls tell her she's too big to wear a crop top or bikini. It's not really anyone else's job.

TikToker Bel, known to his followers as @curvesonabundance, she "is here to give her confidence to wear her clothes. !"Is called.

And with over 22,000 followers and 135K likes, it's clear that many support her message of physical confidence and positivity.  

One of the videos she posted focuses on her confidence in wearing a crop top regardless of size. She capped the video, "Where is my big belly goddess?"

The text of her clip says "POV: I don't think I can wear a crop top because of my stomach!". Immediately before changing to "Yes, you can".

Video commenters write that they are anxious and want to be as confident as Bell: My mom's belly makes me terribly aware.

Bell replied to this commenter as follows: It takes time and your mom's belly also wants to be in the sun.

With over 22K followers and 135K likes it’s clear that many people support the TikToker's message of body confidence and positivity.
TikTok / @ curvesonabundance

"Tell me your confidence, you are beautiful, l I have the same body shape as you. I want to wear a crop top, "written a second Tik Tok user.

While one-third writes: "If it's your size, you can wear it!"

TikToker Bel, known to her fans as @curvesonabundance, says she’s “here to give you the confidence to wear THAT outfit!”
TikTok / @ curvesonabundance

To these trawls, Bell simply answered, "Yes, I can." She said, "I want you to stop me."

In another video, Bell said she "I don't think people of your size should wear bikini." increase.

She wants Bell to encourage more medium and plus size women to wear bikini comfortably. 

In one video, she said: "I want to see a bigger belly goddess in a bikini this summer."

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